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Sam Day

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of LSU

State university They have 10 schools Basket Ball Baseball purple yellow swag Louisiana State University louisiana football founded in 1856 http://www.lsusports.net/SportSelect.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=5200&SPID=2164&SPSID=27815 Louisiana State University

156 Thomas Boyd Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70803 Table of contents 1 College name & seal 2 Table of contents 3 Location 4 Type of school 5 Student body 6 Academic departments
and schools 7 Costs 8 Financial aid 9 History 10 Miscellaneous 11 Did you know? 12 For more information Located in Baton Rouge Louisiana Average Weather Temperatures SPRING- SUMMER- FALL- WINTER- Population- 230,139 people Baton Rouge 69ºF 82ºF 67ºF 50ºF LSU is a 4 year school Public school Coed *Business *Social sciences *Liberal arts *Education *Engineering *Biological sciences Most popular degrees offered Admission Requirements At least a 3.0 GPA At least 19 units of college
preparatory courses Minimum SAT score of 1030 or ACT score22 No written material needed for admission Nearly 24,000 undergraduates enrolled Over 5,000 graduates enrolled Address CHARTS Academic Departments College of Agriculture
College of Art & Design
College of Humanities & Social Sciences
College of Science
E.J. Ourso College of Business
College of Music & Dramatic Arts
College of Human Sciences & Education
College of Engineering

University College
Honors College
Graduate School
Manship School of Mass Communication
School of Veterinary Medicine
School of the Coast & Environment
Continuing Education
$ COST $ In-state tuition and fees $6,354 Out of state tuition and fees $19,362 Room and board $8,670 The whole chart applied for financial aid and the yellow received it while the purple did not. 82% 18% HISTORY! Louisiana State University was founded in 1853 for use of a seminary of learning. the current main campus was dedicated in 1926 and has over 250 buildings constructed in the style of Italian Renaissance. The school has had to close and reopen itself three times now due to wars and buildings getting burnt down. since then the school has added multiple new buildings and areas of learning to it. Their mascot is a live Bengal-Siberian tiger that lives in a habitat across from stadium. His name is Mike VI. MASCOT- MIKE THE TIGER COLORS- YELLOW AND PURPLE DID YOU KNOW??? LSU is one of few universities in the nation that have a land-grant, sea-grant and a space-grant status. http://studentlife.lsu.edu/history-tradition They say that for each time Mike the tiger roars during a pre-game lap around the field is how many times team will score during the game. In 1988, during a home game, a crowd of near 80,000 people reacted to the game’s final pass loudly enough to pick up as an earthquake by a seismograph that was located in LSU’s campus. FOR MORE INFORMATION... Visit: www.lsu.edu/ or email: webmaster@lsu.edu http://www.lsu.edu/ Song
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