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Julia #1

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of ethiopia

JULIA 5/31/2013
Ethiopia is located in Africa and the countries around Ethiopia is Kenya, south Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia. The surrounding bodies of water are the Red Sea, Gulf of Eden and the Indian Ocean.
-population 66,557,553
-land area in square km 1,104,300
-main language spoken Amharic
-climate of Ethiopia hot and dry
-main religion in Ethiopia muslim 45%-50% and ethiopian orthodox 35%-40%
The prime minister is Hailemariam Desalegne and the president is Girma Wolde-giorgis, Ethiopia has a federal government.
blue : peace
green : recalls the land
yellow : stands for peace and hope
red : is symbolic of strength
star : represents diversity and unity
sun rays : symbolize prosperity
The people in Ethiopia have brown or black hair, they have brown skin they are average height also their hair is very curly, and they have brown or black eyes.
Ethiopia is bumpy, has lots of mountains and compared to European countries Ethiopia is pretty big.
-The reason why I chose Ethiopia is because my Uncle Yasin was born in Ethiopia.
- Ethiopia is a really nice and interesting country.
The date that Ethiopia became a country was 980 BC. In 1895 there was a war against Ethiopia and Italy, Ethiopia over came Italy twice with the help of France and Russia, how they helped they provided Ethiopia with weapons. Also Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Africa, and one of the oldest in the world. Ethiopia is almost twice the size of Texas. Ethiopia is the third largest nut producing country in the world, the nuts that's the most famous in Ethiopia is groundnuts, cashew nuts, walnuts and chestnuts . Ethiopia is one of the very few countries in the world that has never been occupied by foreign powers. Ethiopia is the only country in the world with 13 months.
Ethiopia's natural resources are small reserves of gold, platinum, copper, potash, natural gas and hydro power.
Ethiopia's landscapes and animals
History and facts
why I chose Ethiopia
Ethiopia's natural resources
Ethiopia's land
Ethiopia's government
Ethiopia's flag
Ethiopians features
Girma Wolde-Giogis
Hailemarmiam Desalegn
Ethiopia's anthem
Ethiopia's major attractions
The Simien Mountain National Park is one of the major attractions, the Simien mountain is one of the major highlands of Africa, rising to the highest point in Ethiopia.
Another major attraction is The Blue Nile Falls,The River Nile is the longest river in Africa, in Ethiopia. Here millions of gallons of water cascade over the cliff face and into a gorge, creating really nice and cool rainbows.
the simien mountain
the blue Nile falls
Ethiopia's major cities
1. Addis Ababa - population 2,757,729
2. Dire Dawa - population 252,279
3. Mekele - population 215,546
4. Nazret - population 213,995
5. Bahir Dar - population 168,899
6. Gondar - population 158,914
7. Dessie - population 136,056
8. Awasa - population 133,097
9. Jima - population 128,306
10. Debre Zeyit - population 104,215
Where Ethiopia is located
Being a child in Ethiopia
For my report I did being a child in Ethiopia, growing up in Ethiopia education is a privilege. Even though most ethiopians cant afford to go to school, their achieving grades above 90%. The kids that do go to school often work 6-7 hours a day and 7 days a week to earn a small amount of money for food. All subjects are taught in Amharic (their main language) until grade 7, then English is taught. But their are some private schools that teach English in grade 1. High school is grade 9 to 12 its the same as north America.
Ethiopia is a third world country, Ethiopia is less developed but Ethiopia is still developing, most of Ethiopia is generally poor.
Christian perspective
Ethiopia is very beautiful with all the sights and amazing creatures we can praise God for that. But we need to pray for Ethiopia because a lot of Ethiopia doesn't have a lot money and food, I think other countries should give and share with Ethiopia.
The End I hope you learned something about Ethiopia
Main sports in Ethiopia
The most popular sports are long distance running, especially 5000m, 10000m and marathons. Ethiopian runners such as Haile Gebrselassie have won many medals at international competitions and the olympic games. Most Ethiopians play football (soccer), Ethiopia won the African nations cup in the 60's. But Ethiopia is more successful with running.
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