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Liquid Fertilizer Spill

An overturned transport truck spills liquid fertilizer onto the road way and into the local water system.

Sarah Nandkissore

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of Liquid Fertilizer Spill

By: Vanessa Pereira, Isha Dhugha, Erica Sappal & Sarah Nandkissore
Liquid Fertilizer Spill
The Issue
A truck was on a highway, making its way onto a
ramp. The truck was to heavy, so during the turn it
tipped over onto the road. This caused the fertilizer to spill into a ditch, forcing it to enter a sewage system.
A. The people that we think should be responsible for the clean up are;
- The government
- The truck company
- The fertilizer company
- The truck driver
The conclusion to this situation is that traffic was back to normal, no harm was done to anyone. Nothing too serious was done to the environment but the fertilizer company lost product. Also the truck company is planning on making changes to their designs, so that nothing like this occurs again. Overall everything got cleaned up and went back to normal.
Q. Has there ever been an overturned truck that spilled oil in Canada?
A. Yes, it has happened many times, but most of them were small. Here is an article on a spill that happened in Newfoundland:
Q. Who do you think should be responsible for the clean up?
Process of Cleaning the Environment
1. Get ambulance, police and fire trucks to come to the scene to investigate and to make sure no harm was done.
2. Have police find an alternate route for on-coming traffic.
3. Get truck removed from scene.
4. Call the cleaners from cleaning company (20 men) to come clean up.
5. Call the vacuum truck and the dump truck company to come help clean up the spill.
6. Clean up all liquid fertilizer off of ramp and highway.
7. Clean out the sewage system.
8. Double check if everything has been cleaned.
9. Pack up and leave.
What damage can not be repaired?
-Any fertilizer that is stuck in the sewage system.
-The fertilizer that is stuck in between the cracks in the ramp/highway.
-The time and effort that was put into the clean up cannot be given back to the people that were working so hard.
Q. How much is the cost for everything?
A. The cost for everything is approximately;
- 20 men -- $100/hr through a contractor
- A vacuum truck, dump trucks each at -- $200/hr
- Waste disposal fees for oils waste -- $1,893 /50 gallons
Approximate total (24 hrs):
$ 19,672
Major Hazards
- If the workers took to long to clean out the sewage system, some of the liquid fertilizer could have contaminated the water supply.
- Food supply would decrease due to the shortage of fertilizer (if fertilizer was going to be used for food)due to the fact that it won't grow properly.
- Stopping traffic may cause accidents.
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