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Cleavages in Great Britain

No description

Jacqueline Krozonouski

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Cleavages in Great Britain

Cleavages "Deep, long, lasting political divisions" Social Classes Religion, Race Social Classes bad blood between: lower class men
and upper class men.

commoners had no say in the government.

Things Great Britain did to resolve this tension

1. Magna Carta
2. Bill of rights
3. Common Law
4. Created labour party

Why you may ask? Magna Carta: Must consult with commoners
Bill of rights: took power away from monarch
Common Law: The law is interpreted by court instead of political elites
Labor Party: Business class/working class had a say in parliament

Noblesse Oblige Tradition in Great Britain

"Upper class men must take care of lower class men" Protestant/Catholic
Tensions England-mostly Protestant
Ireland- mostly catholic

home rule- let southern Ireland rule themselves
Racial Cleavages Great Britain is said to be having difficulty adjusting to cultural diversity

Ways to solve problems
1) negotiating
2) cutting immigration 1)governmental change helped solve social class cleavages

2) "home rule" solves religion cleavages

3) Cutting immigration solves racial cleavages

re...CAP (get it?)
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