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No description

Deb Leffke

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of Curiosity

Last year we studied a book titled "How Children Succeed." Today we'll visit one of those characteristics, curiosity, to see how it relates to reading.
Can you define Curiosity?
The definition of Curiosity is...
..."The intense desire to know and understand."
Name some famous people who are curious. How can you tell they are curious?
Did these people help or hurt the world?
What are things in the world
we need to be curious about?

Ex: diseases, weather, or math...

What are
curious about?
1. How can your curiosity help you today?
2. Have you checked the school or Manske library for books about your curious topic?

If you are curious...
...ask a question,
research or create
your own path to
find the answer.
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