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The Qin dynasty

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mzhang zhang

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of The Qin dynasty

The Qin dynasty
In the Qin dynasty they use a single language.
The Golden age of this dynasty
Qin Dynasty was the first unified, multi-national and power-centralized state in the Chinese history.
The Terra cotta warriors and horse
The great wall
Thoughts of the kings beliefs
Emperor Qin Shi Huang prevent his people to think freely, he burnt many books which he feared would affect people's thinking. Worse, in his second year, after he learn some scholars' discussions about his arrogance, he buried 460 of them alive.
but Qin Shi Huang ordered all books except those on agriculture, forestry, divination and medicine to be turned over to the state, and burned. The only history books allowed to remain were those by Qin historians.
The great beginning
It started during the late warring states period(416 BC.-221 BC.)
the state of Qin was in its full development. Qin defeated 6 other states(Han, Zhao, Wei, Yan, Chu, and Qi)during 230 BC.-221 BC.
During the end of Qin dynasty, Qin was curl and oppressive to his people, and caused dissatisfaction. After death Hu Hai succeeded but he was fatuous. And because of that there was an uprising led by peasants and in 207 BC.Xiang Yu's army defeated the Army of Qin and Liu Bang swept into the capital which finally ended the Qin Dynasty.
Qin instituted a uniform written language, allowing for greater communication and implementation of policies.
it was used in all the states that Qin had defeated or conquered.
The time peroid
It was during 221BC.-207BC.
It only surviving for 15 years.
Great wall
The terra cotta warroirs
Road in th Qin dynasty
The burning of the books
china map
Ancient China was built along the two main rivers— the Yellow River and the Yangtze River.
Great places for settlement and farming.
The winds that blow north from the Ocean over Asia produce vast amounts of rainfall in the Himalayan Mountains and the Tibetan Plateau. Some of this water flows across the Chinese Plain creating fertile farmland. Because of this the early civilization of China developed more independently than those in the west
The economy was great with it trade. There was roads that was created for the trading. Also they were by the Ocean and could trade by sea.
This dynasty was the first to have an Emperor in the chinese history.
The people follow the rules of the king and the king will have supervisor to give suggestion.
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