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goodbye Mr. Ian

No description

thames thames

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of goodbye Mr. Ian

goodbye Mr. Ian
the singing teacher
Mr.Ians secretive history
As Mr. Ian grew up he always had his earphones on, but after a while it was uncomfortable and the result was disastrous
growing up
He went to high school called Funky Dude High schoooool and studied music and instruments - this is where he got his sense of rhythm!
After highschoool Mr. Ian went to the UNIVERSITY OF HARSH MUSIC to improve his music skills (which weren't the best yet). He screamed a lot to improve his vocal cords. the students sometimes gave him sweets to keep his mouth busy. But after a while Mr.Ian got bored of sweets so the students sent him back in time in a time machine.
Mr. Ian was born in 1898, and unlike a lot of other teachers, he was born with earphones on, listening to music.
After university when Mr. Ian was 23 he decided to be a gladiator and won many battles. The true reason why mr.Ian can sing properly is because he sang many times celebrating his victory in battles.
As Mr. Ian became older he decided to take on a new name and he called himesef "Mozart" and started to compose music.
After a while Mr.Ian was tired of being Mozart so he gave his act to George Harrison and swapped with him and became one of the members of the band called the Bottles
Then the Bottles kicked him out and called themselves the Beetles and became famous and now Mr.Ian works here with us at Britannica International School never mensioning his secret history... and all the kids like him very much!
goodbye Mr.Ian
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