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Logo Design Assignment

No description

Meghan Marttila

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Logo Design Assignment

LOGO DESIGN ASSIGNMENT ADIDAS HISTORY & EVOLUTION OF THE LOGO [ADI DAS]SLER Adidas was founded in 1948 by Adi Dassler Not only was Adi the founder of Adidas, he also designed the very first logo. People of the company today have expanded on his ideas, but kept the original apart of the growing process. Adi created the logo so that it could be immediately recognized when people used his footwear. EFFECTIVENESS This logo is very well known to people all over the world 1967 There are many reasons as to why this is an effective logo: The Adidas logo is very simple and memorable, there is only one thing that you have to remember and it is as easy as three black lines. The logo for this company symbolizes a mountain, "pointing out towards the challenges that are seen ahead and goals that can be achieved." This is very appropriate for the company because they sell sports apparel and it motivates you to be fit and healthy. Over the years, the logos have all generally stayed close in appearance. The first logo was brought out in 1949 and it was as simple as three black lines on a shoe. Following that, in the late 60's, the trefoil logo was designed. In 1997 the integrated corporate design came out. As time has passed, the logos have become more effective. Adolf BRAMPTON BATTALION OHL HOCKEY TEAM ADIDAS All in all, Adidas is a world wide company that has come a long way and done a great job with their logo. It is simple with a great meaning behind it. Almost everyone who sees the logo knows what company it is. HISTORY AND EVOLUTION OF THE LOGO This logo debuted in 1996 which was the year that the Brampton Battalion's were founded. The logo consists of their mascot, Sarge, grinning, with a green, olive colour. There is a mix of yellow and beige along with a few other colours. This logo has been the same throughout all of the years and there have only been minor tweaks with colour and quality. It is very basic and just outlines "a militant with an army hat with Battalion under the militant." Kevin J. Johnston Designer of the logo and also makes comics having to do with the Brampton Battalion's Kevin made the design of the logo very basic and predictable. He took the name and logo very seriously. He worked hard to produce a good product for the jersey and a representation of the team. The logo consists of their mascot, Sarge, who is grinning on a green, olive colour shirt with a mix of other colours such as, beige, white, black, red and pinky-orange. The logo has not changed since they started playing, there have just been minor tweaks to it, for instance, the colour and quality have just become more clear and better. EFFECTIVENESS There are many reasons as to why this is not an effective logo: Some reasons as to why this is not an effective logo is the fact that there is too much going on. In the design principles it states that simplicity is the best thing a logo can have. In this logo there is too much detail added and could be made to be more simple. Another reason is the ability to shrink it down to a smaller size, if you were to shrink this logo down to be able to fit in the URL space of a website, it would not be clearly visible. THANKS FOR WATCHING
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