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Connecting the Dots: Communicating with fellow teachers about how to stay connected with other teachers and stundents in this crazy, but amazing, world we live in. The possibilities are endless!!!

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Natalea Riley

on 12 August 2014

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Transcript of Connecting the Dots: Communicating with fellow teachers about how to stay connected with other teachers and stundents in this crazy, but amazing, world we live in. The possibilities are endless!!!

Are you safe??
Ongoing Chronical of Information
-What's a blog?

-Teacher 2 Teacher Connection

-Teacher 2 Student Connection
Connectivism is a theory of learning which emphasizes the role of social and cultural context in learning as opposed to learning produced by the individual.
What is Connectivism?
In other words, learning and the products of learning are collaborative.
Learning is the result of social networks.
Called “The Learning Theory of the Digital Age”
Social Networking
Social networks are facilitated by, but not necessarily beholden to, the tools of technology.
Professional Organizations
However, our students are already there.

They are - Digital Natives
Digital Natives are no longer the passive receptors of information, they are active participants in the creation of knowledge
To connect to information and people to motivate, teach, learn and create.
Connectivism Means
This is how we learn:
Actively engaging in the search for and creation of knowledge.
Identifying the problem and seeking the resolution.
Common Core Research-based and Project-based mandates
This is what the real world looks like:
Global economy
What is Twitter?
Teacher to Teacher
Teacher To Student
•Follow teacher to keep updated on ideas
•Connect with other classrooms in county, state, etc.
•“real-time professional development”
•Links to articles and videos
•Feed for the class to track
•After class, students could tweet their take-aways, teacher and classmates can respond
•Outside of class discussion
•Keep up with current events
tweet- 140 characters
how to get started
What is Instagram?
Teacher to Teacher
Teacher to Student
post photos
•Photos of activities, lessons, students doing something
(if private)
•School instagram
•Teacher posts a photo, students comment back with a story
Students can ask questions or comment using IM
Students can virtually attend class when absent
Hold class discussions through the IM tool
Take notes during class
Group Projects
Content Creators and Content Collaborators
Content Creator
Content Creator
Content Creator
Teacher to Student
Student to student
*Also can be used for school, grade level, district, etc to parents as an interactive and timely source of news and avenue for quick dispersal of important information.
Content Collaborator
Content Creators
Content Collaborators
“There is something rewarding about having an idea—owning it, being recognized for it. Even when we share, we attach identity to what we have created. In creating knowledge, we experience life, identity, hope. To contribute to the public space, to be recognized, to be a part of something bigger—these motivations drive us.”
George Siemens ,“Knowing Knowledge” (2006)

And the students know it.
Blog Activity
Teacher to Teacher
share lesson plans with note share
watch teachers model a live lesson
plan collaboratively
What is It??
Video Chat
Instant Messaging
Voice Calls
Online Meetings
Note Sharing
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