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Top 10 Technology products by Sara Casella

No description

Sara Tarraran-Casella

on 22 December 2013

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Transcript of Top 10 Technology products by Sara Casella

Fitness Tracker
It is a gadget with the goal to inspire couch potatoes and further motivate the motivated. It records much much more than how many steps you take. From sleep patterns to calorie intake, mood and progress toward ecxercise goals. Cost: $150.
This device can be plugged into a TV, and it allows you to stream from Netflix, HBO Go and elsewehere via partnering apps for iOS and Android smartphones or a Chrome browser on your PC. Cost: $35.
Xbox one
This is a video game console with many additional features. You can make video calls via Skype, you can plug it into the television and control functions with your voice. It can also access two apps at once. Cost: $499.
Playstation 4
Its a video game with improvements to the controller and menus. The result is new games, with life-like images, and very involving experiences. Cost: $399.
Google glass
Glass can snap a picture, record video, get directions, send a message, handle searches, make a call or help you perform a google hangout. You do almost everything with your voice.
Cost: $1,500.
Top 10 Technology products by Sara Casella
Top 10 technology products of 2013

xbox one
playstation 4
google glass
fitness trackers

4k television
anki drive

nest protect
iphone 5s
nexus 5
4k Televisions
Four times the resolution than high definition. It makes everything you watch more vivid and life like, giving you a sensational experience. Cost: $3,000-$25,000.
Anki Drive
It is a racing game where you race physical cars on a vinyl track using an iPhone, iPad or iPad touch. Cost: $199.
Nest Protect
Its a smoke and carbon monoxide detector. It gives you an early warning by voice, and tells you where the problem is. It also uses led lights and sends notifications on your smartphone to report potential trouble. Cost: $130.
IPhone 5s
With the latest iOS 7, it provides quicker processing, a fancier camera, and the touch ID fingerprint reader built into the home button. From $550-$800.
Nexus 5
This smartphone offers a good resolution, bright, vivid, raser sharp. It is thinner and lighter than its previous version. It runs the latest OS mobile update. Equipped with a better camera, and wireless charging. Has google voice search. Cost: $349-$399.
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