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The Snob - Character Analysis

No description

Chantelle Leonardo

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of The Snob - Character Analysis

Character Traits
Literary Devices
By: Chantelle & Daniella
The Snob - Character Analysis: John Harcourt

- John repeats to Grace "Let's go now", because he does not want to be seen by his father.
- John was nervous because he did not want Grace to see his father. He thought she would judge him because of his appearance.

- John was rude because he called Grace a snob straight to her face.
- Thought Grace and her family would judge his family because her family was of higher status.

- As much as John's father did for him, John only cared about himself, and was embarressed by his father.

- He called Grace a snob when he was being the snob.
John has a flashback about when his dad used to do everything he could to keep him happy. His father used to stay up at late hours to listen to John's stories.
The memory of all this was in John now, and there was also a desprate longing and a pain within him growing harder to bare as glanced fearfully at his father. - page 195
His coat was thrown open, two buttons on his vest were undone, his grey hair was too long, and in his rather shabby clothes he looked very much like a working-man, a carpenter perhaps.
From underneath her widebrimmed straw hat, her face, so fair and beautifully strong with its expression of cool independence, keep turning up to him and sometimes smiled at what he said
Internal Conflict
Person vs. Self
He lacked confidence in himself because he saw Grace's family as a high status family and his family as a lower class status. The only reason John has a problem with Grace is because he has a problem with himself, he is self-concious
External Conflict
Person vs. Person
John assumes that Grace is a snob because she is rich and wouldn't like his family. However Grace is actually nice and humble. John is only assuming these traits of Grace because she is of higher status.
John reaches into his pocket for money with a free, ready gesture to make it appear that he was acustomed to buying for young ladies.
- This symblosizes that even though Grace is richer than John he does not hesitate to pay for her book, which proves he cares and loves her.
"I don't know what's the matter. I suppose we're both irritable. It must be the weather," she said. "But I'm not angry, John."
- This symbolizes that Grace is not a snob because she easily forgave John and didn't blame him for the fight.
Social Status
Her face, so fair and beautifully strong.
- This symbolizes that Grace is from a rich family because rich people are are always potrayed as beautiful by society.
The theme in this story is judgement
Do not judge a book by its cover. This means that you shouldn't judge somebody based on their appearance or social status. John believes Grace is a snob because she's rich. We learned that throughout the story that Grace is not a snob, she's nice, humble and down to earth.
"You don't like people, do you?" he said sharply.
John was jumping to conclusion and got frustrated with Grace for a reason that was unknown to her.
John shouldn't have judged Grace just because she is rich. Grace does not know why John was mad at her.
"It does get unbearable in here on a hot day".
This line is said by Grace. The weather in this story sets the mood of what the attitude of the characters will be like. John and Grace get annoyed of each other and everyone else in the department store. Due to the hot weather it causes them to be irritated by every action.
Verbal Irony
"There may be something here I've wanted all my life"
Grace said this in sarcasm because John was rushing her to leave the department store. Grace was in no hurry at all to leave the store and enjoyed gradually looking through the books.
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