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Brazil World Cup

No description

Emily Lyon

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Brazil World Cup

Brazil World Cup
We have chosen Germany because we think they have a good team and a strong possibility of getting far in the Brazilian World Cup, 2014. Germany, is in Group G along with Ghana, Portugal and Brazil.
Diagram 5: Part 2
Diagram 1
The first diagram we did was a bar chart of the country participation including the countries Germany, USA, Ghana, Portuagal and Brazil. See below for Diagram 1.
Diagram 2 part 1
Diagram 2 is in two parts, the first one is the weight, frequency, class width and frequency density of the top 8 players. The first part is the table to help draw the histogram.
Diagram 4
Diagram 4 is the mode of the heights of the players. Currently the mode is 190cm out of the 20 players evaluated.
Diagram 5: Part 1
Diagram 5 is in two parts, the first part is a box plot drawn from the second part, the stem and leaf diagram. The median is 25 and Q1 is 33. Q3 is 46. The range is 48 and the IQR is13.
Brazilian World Cup Germany
Thank you!
193 185 184 186
170 196 192
189 180 182 186 168 180 191 169 180 182
Mode of the heights of players (cm)
This is the stem and leaf diagram and the last part of Diagram 5
By: Emily, Merle and Lorna
Diagram 3
This is a pie chart to represent the number of wins for specific countries.
Diagram 2 part 2
Diagram 2 part 2 is the histogram following the table of the weight of the top eight players from the German football team.
Analysis: Diagram 1
Diagram 1 shows that Brazil and Germany have the highest amount of participations. Ghana and Portugal have under 5.

This graph shows that Germany is good, expierenced and they participate frequently.

Out of the 32 teams that are participating in the World Cup, Germany has tied for 2nd in the most amount of World Cup participations with 17. The most amount of participation is Brazil with 19 participations.
Ananlysis: Diagram 3
It shows that Brazil has the most amount of wins but Germany is only 5 wins.
Ghana having a small amount of win could be because they are fairly new to the world cup. Also they have only played in the World Cup twice.
USA could also have a small amount of wins because they focus more on baseball.
This helps us because since Germany won a lot of games in the past and so they have a good chance of winning again.
Analysis: Diagram 4
This shows that the mode is 190cm and this could be helpful because the higher you are the better chance you have at offense and defense and getting to the headers.
Also taller players are more physical and can reach the higher balls easily.
Where they lose out on speed and agility they make up in other areas.
The weight of the players is generally the same.
There is the same amount of players in the 70kg to 85kg and 85kg to 90kg.
None of the players are over 90kg.
Analysis: Diagram 2
Analysis: Diagram 5 Part 1 and 2
The stem and leaf shows the number of scores for each player.
The box plot shows the median, the first quartile and the third quartile.
It also shows the range of the lowest number scored and the highest number scored and the IQR.
Diagram 6
Diagram 6 is the two way table of the total, finals, wins and ranges. The total number of games played for Germany is 99 while the total number of games played for Spain and Japan is 56 and 14 respectiely.
Analysis: Diagram 6
Diagram 7
Diagram 7 is a scatter graph for the number of goals scored by each player. This graph may not be very accurate as we included the defense players and the goal keepers.
Anaysis: Diagram 7
This graph shows that the older the players are the more goals they score.
There are two anomlies in the graph with the coordinates (29,48) and (36,68)
These are very good players that scored a lot of goals in their carrer
Diagram 8 Part 2
This diagram is the cumulative frequency diagram which shows the number of penalties by each player.
Analysis: Diagram 8
The diagram shows that all players have done under 10 penalty shots
The most players have done between 0 and 2 penalty shots
Only 2 players have done more than 8 penalty shots
This shows that they all have experience with penalty shots
Diagram 8 part 1
This table shows the cumulative frequency of the number of penalties by each player. 25 players were used in total.
Diagram 9
This line graph show the relationship between the number of goals scored by the German team and the temperature they played in.
Anaysis: Diagram 9
The Two way table tells us that the total games that Germany has played is 99 of which 64 are wins and 7 games were in the finals.
It also tells us that Spain had a total 56 games, of which 1 was in the finals.
Japan has played 14 games and none of them have been in the finals. Their total wins is 4, this can also tell us that they lost more games than they won.
The diagram shows that the German team can play well in different temperatures
They have performed best in 10 degrees Celcius and in 20 degrees Celsius
The average temperature in Brazil during the world cup is 20 degrees Celcius which means that the German team will perform well
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