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No description

Hannah Willcocks

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of Logistics!

Logistics! This post was designed specifically for your enjoyment. I could have made this post really long and boring but instead I chose not to. So please bare with me while I play with effects and transitions. :) I wanted to inform you (the examiner, Mr N or whoever you may be) about the logistics (a.k.a mise-en-scene) of our production of 'Black Heart' by Stooshe. For the purposes of our coursework we have renamed the song and the band to 'Dirty heart' by The Machine Ate Florence. I hope you enjoy. The cast and crew! Livvy (our only friend) Me (Hannah) Sarah The Machine Ate Florence Lo and behold! This is 'The Machine Ate Florence'. As you can see we are a three member, all girl band within the pop genre (though the last one isn't visable). The band are seen continually throughout the music video in order to satisfy the demands of the record label (one of the conventions of pop music videos). The reason that me and Sarah chose to be a part of the band was because of the practicality. It was practical in the sense that we didn't/wont have to depend on anyone for filming. That is not to say we don't know anyone who is reliable (as you will soon find out) but we agreed that it would be less time consuming and less hassle if we took on the roles ourselves. I would like to take this moment to thank Livvy for agreeing to be a part of the band. She had no obligations to do so as she is not in any way affiliated with our media class but chose to help us out anyway because she understands how complicated the process of filming is being that she has been there on various occasions of last year's post production process. So yes. Thankyou Livvy. :) 'The lad' This is the lad. Also known as Ben. Fortunately for us we have amazing people in our class like Ben who were/are willing to participate in our music video. Ben is going to be playing 'the lad' who is often referred to in the song as a monster. Sarah has already explained in her post about logistics about how we don't have many male friends and so we turned to a fellow media student for help because not only is he confident but because he understands the commitment behind starring in our music video. So like Livvy we are very grateful to have him. Jess (girl who walks) Jess If you're the examiner we had last year then you will remember Jess. Jess was the third member of 'Cats In Space' our media group however due to a series of unfortunate events we were forced to split into two groups. Me and Sarah decided to stick together because we both had the same taste in music whereas Jess chose to work on her own. We miss her very much. Jess plays girl who walks past. It sounds like a small role but trust me when I say she was very important to the narrative of our production. She walks past Ben and Livvy while they're on a date and Ben checks her out thus causing a fight between Livvy and Ben. Jess said she would help us because it would be like old times and because she didn't mind allowing Ben to check her out. We all know Ben so it wasn't awkward. THANKYOU JESS. :) Crew roles. Director: Sarah
Producer: Hannah
(This year Sarah and I have decided to switch roles in order to better understand the responsibilities that each role takes on).
Editor/s: Sarah and I
Director of Cinematography: There is a divide between me and Sarah in this respect however it is mostly dominated by Sarah
Lighting: It sounds silly but I took responsibility for lighting
Craft services: Sarah and I (the house of booty)
Make up: Left down to the actors involved
Prop Wrangler: Left down to the actors involved. Not many props were needed
Transport manager: There was no need for transport or won't be when we film the proper thing. Though Jess was given a lift here so we'd like to thank Jess's mum.
Location Manager: This was my job as a lot of the shots were filmed at my house in various rooms
Continuity editor: Sarah
Set dresser: Me as it was my house to dress
Location! "HEY MTV. WELCOME TO MY CRIB!" 1st location: My Living room. So this is toats my living room. It's hot. I'll stop with the MTV cribs now. But yes this is my living room from two different angles. I screen caped these shots from test shots we did over the half term. This location will be used during Sarah and Ben's arguing scene. Sarah storms in holding a suspicious photo of Ben and I, the two get into an argument, Ben shoves Sarah aside and storms out. Originally this scene was going to be filmed in Sarah's kitchen but as Sarah so rightly pointed out, her kitchen was too small to maneuver in and we didn't want to risk her bashing her head on the sink or something. So in the end we decided to use my living room. The use of the mirror was to portray Ben as a stereotypical lad who cares more about his appearance than anything else. It was symbolic as well to show that Ben has a split personality. 2nd location: My garage conversion. (With guest appearances from Hannah and Ben) Last year my family decided they would spend some money on converting our old garage into a studio (for me)/outdoor living room for my sister. This will come in handy when shooting the scene (shown in the test shots) of me and Ben watching a scary film and being all coupley to represent Ben as a player. Like Sarah's scene this originally was going to be shot in a different location (my living room) but due to the aforementioned kitchen situation we decided to change things around. 3rd location: Alleyway/street. This is the location of the 'checking out' scene between Livvy, Jess and Ben. This again was to establish Ben as a player as he is obviously out on a date of some kind with Livvy when he does the checking out. We chose this location because a) we didn't want the whole thing to be filmed inside so we chose an outdoor location and b) it was out of the way of the public so we could film the same shot various times without being a bother. 4th location: The Pavillion Though this location is barely shown it is good for establishing the narrative of our piece. During the opening seconds of the song we intend to show Ben in the photobooth with the three girls at sepeate intervals and a photo with each coming out of the photo booth machine. We didn't know where else there would be a photobooth so we used this one. 5th location: My Kitchen We intend to use my kitchen briefly for Livvy's phone scene. This will be used in a split screen with me and Sarah where all three of us are on the phone discussing how Ben has used us. We chose this as it seemed like a 'natural' setting for someone to be whilst at home. 6th location: My Conservatory This shot will be used in the same way the shot in the kitchen will be. To show the reveal of Ben as a player to all girls through a three way phone call. Again this was because it seemed like a fairly natural place to be whilst at home. 7th location: THE HALL. This is one of our main locations that we used. We used/will be using this for the performance elements of our music video. I couldn't get a proper screen cap of the hall to show you but that is the front of the stage where most of it will be taking place. COSTUME. Livvy! 1 2 3 1. Livvy is wearing a red dress and black heels during the performance shots. The colour of her dress may represent her emotions on the situation but the use of the dress and heels itself is to represent her rebelling from their relationship as she is mostly seen covered up when she is with Ben (as if she is hiding from the world).

2. Livvy is wearing a blue shirt, leggins, a black coat and hat when she is on her date with Ben.

3. In the phone sequence she is wearing a grey top that says: 'Love' and a black hoodie. Sarah! 1 2 1. Sarah is wearing a white printed t-shirt with Johnny Depp on it, high waisted shorts and tights in her argument scene with Ben. Again to represent rebellion as she is angry with him and therefore not covered up under his influence.

2. She is wearing a light pink dress, black belt, black tights and black heels. Hannah! 1 2 3 1. During my first scene i'm wearing a purple top, multi-coloured aztec skirt, cardigan and black tights. Reinfording the idea of covering up themselves for Ben with many layers.

2. I am wearing a black jumper and skirt. Still wearing layers and therefore still under Ben's influence.

3. A purple dress with gold birds on it. Technology Fog Machine: To build tension during the slow interval of the song. Will be used in the hall to cover the floor in a layer of fog but may not be used due to it being really hard to breath when it's on. A tripod or tripods will most definately be needed so that we can get shots from all angles during scenes such as the performance and the 'dating' scenes. Spare cameras would also come in handy with shooting various shots from various angles Final cut Pro is a massive one. We'll be using this software to edit our piece together. THE END MON FRERE.
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