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LS Engineering Lab

No description

Charlie Justus

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of LS Engineering Lab

Engineering Lab
Network Device
(Compilers, Linkers,
Other programs)
View Seed
(Precompiled objects)
Build Server
VOD Server
(source code)
Build Server: Configured with student login environment.
The student logs into the build server to create a workspace to complete the lab
The repository contains a training branch containing the source code files for the student's lab workspace. The student will check files from the repository and edit them to complete the lab.
The student workspace contains over 10,000 source files.

Skeleton code for the lab exercise has already been patched into the repository.

The student will have access to all source files in their workspace.
For the training branch, the pre-compiled objects for all source files are also pulled into the student's workspace. This way, the student can build an image without compiling every single file
Also in the build server are all the tools needed by the student to complete the labs. These tools include compilers, linkers, debuggers, code search tools, test tools.

Many of these tools require special licenses and configurations to support training.
Objective: Create a Persistent Storage System database and store and retrieve stateful information for your process in a manner consistent with Cisco coding guidelines
The student, once the workspace is created checks out files and writes or modifies code to support the learning objective.
void cdp_count_db_update (char *host)
/* DA5 - Add local RB tree variables here */
int idx;
int found = 0;

/* DA6 - Modify the code below to use RBTreeSearch() */
/* first, must look to see if the element exists */
for (idx=0;idx<cc_onemin_count;idx++) {
/* inefficiently look at all items */
if (strncmp(host, cc_nodes[idx]->host,
/* match! */
found = 1;
break; /* out of for */
} /* if match */
} /* for loop */
if(!found) {
} /* cdp_count_db_update() */
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