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Marian Anderson

No description

Carli Sicher

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Marian Anderson

Marian Anderson Started performing at age of 6 in her church. 1896- The first segregation laws know as the Jim Crow Laws began to form by southerners. These laws made everyone "separate, but equal." 1920- The migration of the African Americans from the South to the North began. This was know as The Harlem Renaissance. 1897- On February 27th Marian Anderson was born in Philadelphia PA. 1924- Marian Anderson performed her first concert at The New Yorkers Town Hall. 1925- Marian entered and won a singing contest with 300 contestants. This boosted her confidence. 1929- Great Depression began; many people were without jobs and homes. 1925- Black and white television was invented. Roosevelt was elected and starts the long road to turning the US economy around. 1933- 1929- Marian traveled to Europe to further her music carrier and she made her big European debut at the Paris Opera House. This performance led to many more in front of kings and nobles. Marian returned to the U.S. and got the chance to sing at the White House. 1930- 1938- Marian went on tour performing more than 70 concerts and holding the record of the longest and most extensive concert tour for a singer. 1941- America joins World War Two because Japan attacked our Naval base in Hawaii. 1943- Marian sings in front of the Lincoln Memorial with over 75,000 viewers. Born, and grew up on the South Side of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Born on February 28th, 1897 In the beginning... The Marian Anderson award started when Marian won the Bok Award. She used the money given to her to start her own award for talented people trying to make their dreams come true. Family Her family was extremely supportive throughout her career Both of her sisters sang, but neither were as good as her Father died shortly after she turned twelve Close family friend they called Aunt Pritchard Had two sisters, Alyce and Ethel, both close in age. Marian became the first African American to perform at the Metropolitan Opera Union Baptist church in Philadelphia that Marian Anderson grew up in. Marian Performing in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Marian Anderson was an American Opera singer who had a gift. Obstacles Marian was prohibited to sing at many venues, but this didn't stop her from making her dream come true.

Marian once said, " When you stop having dreams and ideas- well you might as well stop all together." " Everyone has a gift for something, even if it is the gift of being a good friend,"
- Marian Anderson 1956- By this year Marian had performed over 1,000 times. 1943- Marian married Orpheus Fisher and kept her maiden name for the sake of her career. 1945- United states dropped atomic bombs on Japan ending World War Two. 1955- Rosa Parks refuses to give up her bus seat to a white person contributing to the civil right movements. 1963- Martin Luther King Jr. gave the famous "I have a dream.." speech. 1950- North Korea invades South Korea. The U.S. sent troops out to South Korea to help and North Korea surrendered to us. 1969- Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon. 1993- Marian Anderson passed on April 8th due to natural causes. 1965- Marian gave her last performance at the Carnegie Hall in New York. 1989- The first Marian Anderson award was given out. Marian set a goal to sing in front of a huge crowd at someplace special. She believed she could achieve that goal. Anderson once said, "I have a great belief in the future of my people and my country." Marian was the first African American to sing at the Metropolitan Opera and the first African American to sing in front of a President. Influences: -Inspired people to pursue their dreams -Hard for people to be a black opera singer -People admire her hard work and determination -Created the Marian Anderson Award for other talented people with dreams by: Carli Sicher Marian and Orpheus FOCUS! How did Marian Anderson achieve her goals and what about her impacted the lives of others the most?
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