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hospital experiences

project due at the end of class

Gina Gonzalez

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of hospital experiences

By: Dulce Turrubiartes
Gina Gonzalez
In the classroom we learned
basic skills to help us when
we got to the hospital. we learned how to make
hospital beds and the
different forms of making them We learned how to take
vital signs such as blood
pressure, pulse, respiration,
and temperature. We learned how to perform
CPR We had to learn our medical
terminology before going to the
hospital. we learned how to feed a
patient. we learned how to move
the patients we went throught orientation
where we learned all the guidelines
for the hospital and emergency codes we learned how to check IVs
and body fluids and once we got to
the hospital... we got to put our skills to work
on real live patients we saw many interesting
things such as... newborn babies patients on ventilators patients on heart monitors got to hear lungs full
of fluid gastroscopies patients on dialysis patients with overdosis
of muscle relaxants really overweight patients charting IV imputs patients getting ready for
surgery patients getting blood drawn patients with opened
wounds we acquired skills
such as... talking to patients interacting with the patients
with confidence we have enjoyed these experiences
and we'll alaways remember them. we would like to thank Mrs. Forrest
for teaching us and taking her time to explain everything FIN
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