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Why do porcupines have spikes

No description

jenni martinez

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Why do porcupines have spikes

Why do porcupines have spikes? Well it all started with a porcupine that did not have spikes. When he was walking around he saw a poster that said........... WORLD'S DANGEROUS THINGS! Try out for something dangerous you want to do,if you win you will get a $100,000 check!
Where-At the center of the park
P.s-Dont forget to bring the stuff you need for the show! Immediately he started to think what to do for the show And when he was thinking he saw a cactus and a idea occured to him..... When the day of the show came he brought with himself a cactus His turn came and he walked to the stage,he grabbed When they day of the contest came he took a cactus with him. When his turn came he ate the cactus and something weird happened,spikes started to grow out of his back. Everyone started to copy of off him and thats why porcupines have spikes. Funny pictures....
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