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AXUG Ax2012

Presentation at the Ohio AXUG 2/18

Gary Holsopple

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of AXUG Ax2012

OHIO AXUG, February 18, 2011
Review: Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical Conference 2011 HUGE What we are going to talk about today is a combination of info pulled from:
and Youtube
(thanks guys. )
All we know right now is that GA for public is Q3 of this year for AX 2012. RTM is typically before that
More than 1200 more features 140 percent test cases 185 customers and partner fedback 30 nationalities on the team ARCHITECTURE
Model driven seamless AX dev in VS. Enriched data abstractions, dramatic improvements with .net interop
During the conference there was a strong statement that the model driven dev starts in VS rather than AX
Metadata native access with AOT with the VS application explorer
Official that models (we talk about that in a bit. ) live in the database and multiple models within a given layer
Full web services integration shown with zones and integration with external site. SOA.
Modeling the world is the theme here. From database, to development, BPM and org setup. All about models
Global Address Book used throughout AX2012. Reduction of duplicate data, and secure access and use to this data
Clear statement from arch session. Investments are made and will continue for MorphX and Xpp (except reports, we'll talk about that too)
Managed code dev is now possible, eventing etc. However Xpp has it place and will continue to do so MODEL CODE GROUPING MECHANISM
Modeling the world, with AX 2012. Workflows should be used for all Biz Processmodeling.
Ax model file is the new deployment artifact. This changes promotion process
During this move, the object Id issue has been resolved with these changes
Installation specific ids is a new way for handling properly and with correct context object ids
Fall out, an element can only exists still once in a layer. Two models can’t contain same object in one layer.
Model elements in a given layer, make up a model in a given layer. There can be multiple models in one layer.
PowerShell support being highlighted for use in advanced or complex uses for managing models within layers
One could see how models could be used to segment even customer code within the CUS layer
Models within layers do manage elements of a layer, and also manage the deployment of objects.
No longer take and move the db, as it is not just trans data. Now contains modelstore. Keep in mind for moves.
A lot of options for the AXutil app and for the complex needs of code promotion and object management, a lot of flexibility exists. VS INTEROP
Full intellisense for all AX objects within VS2010.
Eventing implemented w/in VS.
VS projects can now live in the AOT model store. Helps with deployments and management
VS uses AX client configuation to know what AOS to connect to when it shows the AOT
Can Brows ALL AOT object w/in VS
One CANNOT edit X++ code w/in VS
VS uses a proxy class of the AOT object w/in the VS project to represent the AOT class.
Type strong Interop between AX and .Net SECURITY
Security roles form, is central place for management of role, record and external security
Managing security in is totally different than in previous AX versions. Some concepts remain, but a lot new.
Role based approach is a pyramid: roles, duties, privileges, permissions. Stated from top to bottom.
Duties also map out in a functional way to the “process cycles” that a person or job function perform
Three types of users in AX 2012. Claims user, active directory user and group. AD not required for user access anymore
The idea is not having to have vendors or customers as AD users, but instead a claims based context user
This is key for federated access and trust. Ie, cloud enablement for secure access to AX and cloud objects
Federated support for security is huge, because this means not just azure with live Id, but also google accounts or others. SETUPS AND SCOM MONITORING
Install of ax 2012 is easier than ever. Some very nice changes to actually help make setup and install easier.
(Syestems Center Operations Manager) Scom is key for enabling ax admin for a company.
Current scom pack for 09 is limited to aos. AX 2012 has really expanded in scope, monitors and ability.
Scom pack has bp configuration check.
Scom pack getting a lot of praise. PERFORMANCE
Rpc not only protocol anymore for web based or share point communication with aos. Now with services, WCF
This means you don’t have to go through the BC.Net and that removes a layer and therefore helps perf
True parallel and asynchronous processing with AX 2012
OS can scale and tested on 32 cores!
Included columns as part of indexes as well as full text index. Along with true temp table usage!
Caching improvements, 100% reengineered:
Join caching, date effective caching, Unique index caching for joins, Caching support for super type and subtype for across the board, and with even a legacy table.
Batch framework highlighted as how threaded processing works and will continue to work with improvements!
Event trace parser for AX lives right out of the client
Performance gain for using CIL execution is around garbage collection.
Code compiled into IL for Services and Batch processes MORPHX
Showed off the importance of Xpp as the core language for AX
Showing off multiple ISV solutions within the same layer. Based on model files that live in the db
Showed off fact that can add table in AOT and it showed up in VS2010
The semicolon issue is resolved..!!
Many of the VS code editor features incorporated into IDE, except no code beautify.. that annoys me EP
Single click process for taking a rich client form to make it a web protal page!
Portal, rich client and office are truly a blurred UX and it looks the same across these products
EP for AX is making use of share point 14 claims based security context.
I really like the design mode in Word for reporting data from AX. The simple dragging and dropping of the fields is very intuitive WORKFLOW
In AX2012, workflow is integrated in the AOS. No more messy installs
Vision: every process should be modeled with a workflow
Key focus is model “real life” business process in AX with new workflow
Great workflow development wizard in makes it much easier to develop new workflows
Trying to limit the need of a developer for changing workflows. Developers still needed though
So for WF, companies when they upgrade will want to consider removing code approaches to replace with WF. Again big change POWERSHELL MANAGEMENT
Again, shows that PowerShell is a key part now for management of AX. Very powerful tool and one we all need to understand.
Huge focus on PowerShell for report deployment, configuration and management among multiple instances
Three ways to deploy, client, VS2010 or ax management shell, which is PowerShell with other things loaded
Standard tooling is based on PowerShell and PS cmdlets AIF
Big schema change, and will be some rework based on this.
All excel import and exports for office addin happen through AIF.
Perf increase of 37 percent benchmarked for new AIF improvements
The AIF is fully built on services which will run on the AOS. All integration through WCF services.
Transformation mechanism built into AIF. Not meant to be a replacement for Biztalk.
Biztalk Adapter goes away.
Another highlighted aspect is support for non-XML formats.
A lot of work to make AIF configuration a lot easier.
80 percent reduction in top level AIF concepts! Less complexity!
Claims based auth. Support again highlighted.
No more 10 mb file limit! Bulk import support!
90+ out of the box document services that come with AX 2012. DATAUPGRADE
Preprocessing data upgrade before the ACTUAL upgrade to minimize down time
AX2012 will be shipped with a new and enhanced upgrade model EXCEL INTEGRATION
AX data changes while using Excel to edit, optimistic concurrency is used. Data cannot be published. No merging logic in place.
Allowing the users to create data in Excel and publish it when complete will be a big talking point in getting data into AX.
Two types of AX exports to Excel: static (like in a 2009) and refreshable export (active connection to AX). Excel junkies rejoice
DAX ribbon in Excel, publish data. Go back in AX and it’s all there and secured.
Security roles mean can take the budget template in excel and the person gets their data vs. The data used to create temp.
Excel enabled through services to AX. SOA once again.
So word, excel and SSRS to create mashups for information workers is very powerful SUPPORTABILITY/BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY
AX 2012 client will not work on XP. XP is not supported with this release
AX 2012 security will be MUCH easier to test since rec security policies are set in AOT and now no need to refresh client code base
Oracle is no longer a supported database. AOS
There is an attach process that you start from the VS side. Attach to client or server, set break point. Remote debugging for AOS.
Does not recommend cross debugging at all
Two options, either AOS, client and VS on dev box for attaching with VS. Or remote debugging
AOS in process hosting of WCF services. BATCH AND DEBUGGING
App domains are enabled with the hot swapping. Once session is destroyed, new dll applied for new sessions
Hot swapping helps with addressing assembly change, and not making a call to restart the AOS
Hot swapping will be a big need for companies that don’t have an AOS per developer.
Hot swapping assemblies does come at a foot print and context price
Xpp still becomes Pcode, then is translated into XML with Pcode in tact. That is sent to the IL to generated the managed code.
Reflector from .net highlighted to take a look at the IL code. Cool insight from Xpp down to IL
Batch debugging is made possible in AX 2012 because of it’s execution vis CIL. Attached process
Breakpoint is placed on the proxy object inside VS2010 for the Xpp code.
Debugging in batch, with the new approach is a big improvement for sure! Makes using batch an easier choice
No sharing of breakpoints between VS2010 and the legacy Xpp debugger
Abilities exist to debug the new proxies, batch and server based code MORPHX SSRS REPORTS DATAUPGRADE AIF WORKFLOW POWERSHELL
Review: Microsoft Dynamics AX
Technical Conference 2011

Gary Holsopple...
Link to this presentation is at: holsopple.org all the changes are..... "The Open Data Protocol (OData) is a Web protocol for querying and updating data ... OData does this by applying and building upon Web technologies such as HTTP, Atom Publishing Protocol (AtomPub) and JSON ..... OData is being used to expose and access information from a variety of sources including, but not limited to, relational databases, file systems, content management systems and traditional Web sites."

Looking at PowerPivot, one needs simply open up Microsoft Office 2010, and make use of it's native support for OData feeds as a source for data for a given workbook.: "To conclude, I can say the next version of AX is ready to take on the other big ERP stalwarts in the market. Good work Microsoft and a huge effort by Devs and PMs in Microsoft shaping up the next big release of Dynamics
......BY DILIP User interface changes
screen samples next of Sales order and Customer
I didn't attend these sessions.
Let's look at the following to glean what changes there are. TFS INTEGRATION TFS INTEGRATION
Tight integration with all TFS has to offer
Build mechanism for AX code
MS test manager can “drive” the AX UI. Other third party tools cannot drive the AX Grid control SSRS REPORTS
A SSRS reports node is the new location of report elements. No longer held in the report node of the AOT
800 reports in AX 2012
Still can do MorphX reports if you want. AOS will still support.
EDT's influence SSRS report attributes. i.e. Width, currency format, decimal places and the like.
No conversion tool for your current custom AX reports to convert to SSRS. You have to rewire.
Recommended to create all new reports in SSRS, not Morphx.
New framework (RDP-Report Data Provider) to do custom report logic. Contract Class and Controller class.
Adherance to separating view from business logic. MISCELLANEIOUS
Solutions Architect role
AX SDK Tool. Very cool.
ER-diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, Class Diagrams.
Final keynote, Demo of new BI product called Crescent MISCELLANEIOUS USER INTERFACE LOOK/FEEL Data Modelling
Table inheritance mechanism
Unit of Work construct to deal with the Table Hierarchy mechanism
Updated hierarchy browser for tables (now you can extend tables) DATA MODELING There was so much content at the conference. There is no way we will be able to discuss it all ....
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