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Deferred Decisions

Frequently asked questions about deferred decisions

UNC Wilmington

on 18 January 2017

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Transcript of Deferred Decisions

Frequently Asked Questions
about a "Defer" Decision

What does "deferred" really mean?
A defer decision provides you with an opportunity to have the admissions committee reevaluate your application.
Why was I deferred?
We received many outstanding applications and were forced to make some difficult decisions.
MY SAT & ACT scores are in UNCW's range. Was there a mistake in my decision?
Our decisions are not based on the SAT or ACT alone. We review all applications with a holistic approach.
Why was I deferred when I know students from my school were admitted with lower SATs or GPA?
The Admission Committee carefully weighs all applicants and their credentials. When evaluating applications we look at all aspects of the application.
If you have any questions or concerns about the admissions process, please email our office at admissions@uncw.edu or call 910-962-3243.
We will consider new test scores or transcript updates to reassess your credentials in comparison to the full applicant pool.
A final decision letter will will be mailed no later than April 1st.
The average SAT (CR & M) for admitted students was 1190
Most admitted students were in the top 15% of their high school class & had earned primarily As & Bs
The average GPA of admitted students was 3.9
Most students admitted during early action had a rigorous schedule that included honors courses, AP and/or IB courses
Their essays & short answers were thoughtfully constructed & reflected their ability to write at the college level
The required counselor or teacher recommendations were very positive
The admissions committee also considered factors such as leadership, extra-curricular, and community involvement
Is there still a possibility of being admitted once I have been deferred?
During the regular decision period, we gain a better sense of the number of students we can admit and have a more clear understanding of the entire pool of applicants.
Will retaking standardized tests help me?
Research has shown that standardized test scores can help predict the likelihood of success in the first year of college. Sending improved test scores to UNCW may improve your chance of admission.
If you have tested several times already and have not shown significant improvement, it may be more helpful to take the other standardized test as it may better suit your style.
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