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7th Grade History Unit Plan

No description

Teron Guidry

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of 7th Grade History Unit Plan

7th Grade
Texas History

2 week Unit Plan

Identifying major eras in Texas history
This lesson plan will allow students to understand the foundation of how Texas became a part of the United States. This two week curriculum provides reading, writing, and vocabulary strategies throughout the daily lessons. At the end of this unit students will be able to use different learning strategies in order to provide a complex assessment of Texas history on the internet.

Day 1- Read Chapter 1 (Textbook)
Students take turns reading out loud in the classroom. (25 mins)

Students underline, circle, and highlight main points. (15 mins)

Answer end of chapter review questions as a class and discuss the main ideas learned. (10 mins)

Day 2- Develop vocabulary through context
Partner Flash Cards- Groups of two students review historical facts written on note cards. (15 mins)

Use specialized books and encyclopedias. Determine word meaning and deeper understanding of social events during this time. (15 mins)

Vocabulary word and Matching worksheet. (20 mins)

Day 3- Graphic Organizer
Take Main Ideas from Chapter 1 to create a graphic organizer. (20 mins)

Present organizer to class. (30 mins)

Day 4- Research in Library
-Analyze information be sequencing, categorizing, and identifying cause- and –effect. (20 mins)

-Create Timeline of events student feels were most important during the establishment of Texas (30 mins)

Day 5- Writing Paper based off YouTube Video
-Write down bullet points of main ideas while watching the video. (10 mins)

- Analyze the point of view from the author a two paragraphs. (15 mins)

-Also express predictions of topic in own words with classmate. (25 mins)

Unit Plan
Day 6- Write a 1 page research paper
Based off what you learned thus far, type a paper only based off factual information that has a professional source.
Unit Plan
Day 7- Computer Lab
Students gather all information acquired from previous 6 days of assignments.

Transfer information from the aquired multiple sources and put it in outline format.

Create PowerPoint base off outline.
and then...
Unit Plan
Day 8- Class Debate
Three groups review articles and debate why their war was the most influential. (15 mins each)

Team 1- Texas vs. Spain:

Team 2- Texas vs. Mexico:

Team 3- Texas in the Civil War:

Teacher discusses final thoughts (5 mins)
***Groups must be random. (For example: Draw names out of a hat)
Unit Plan
Day 9- Presentations
Class presents final thoughts of major eras in Texas history. (50 mins)
Note: Each student evaluates his/her classmate.
Student must take notes on great points presented and find ways to improve.

Unit Plan
Day 10- Spread Word
Students share their research on the web. (50 mins)

Create a website, blog, YouTube video, or Prezi summarizing Unit 1.

Unit Plan Reflection
This 7th Grade Texas History Unit Plan provides the core factors in content area literacy. This two week curriculum provides reading, writing, and vocabulary strategies that can be found throughout the daily lessons assigned. Students will use a vast amount of graphic organizers, from matching worksheets all the way to creating historic timelines. Students who have trouble writing will be able to use many writing strategies like highlighting/circling main points, reading quietly, and even reading aloud to other students. Technology is very vital in this unit because it requires students to browse the Internet, create visual presentations, and post final projects on media websites. Students will get the opportunity to debate other and create a YouTube video which makes this unit fun and intriguing for students. During these debates, students will learn from other students with different opinions and beliefs which will help out with issues of classroom diversity. This also could potentially start unexpected friendships. The main focus of this unit plan is for students to be able to work individually and in groups to master and have full comprehension of Texas History.

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