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Should Instant Replay Be Used In Pro Sports? (FINAL)

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Sam Scherman

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Should Instant Replay Be Used In Pro Sports? (FINAL)

Should Instant Replay Be Used In
Professional Sports? BY
Sam Scherman
Don Baverman
Matt Teschner
Kyle Richardson YES, But With An Exception
Instant replay adds so much to most pro sports
All pro sports would benefit from the use of instant replay except for baseball
Baseball is America's pastime, a game more about tradition than any other sport
The average fan is already bored with watching a full length baseball game on TV as they can be very time consuming. Further implementing it would add even more time YES All rights/calls should be given to officials

Adds an excitement factor to the game
Keeps the games tradition (ex. baseball)
Their role should not be underutilized; they are meant to be the "final" dictator of the game, no exceptions 1 2 Sporting events are too long already

Average viewers will lose interest in games that extend too long
Longer games/events will lead to less of an interest
Possible drop in TV ratings leads to less advertising opportunities
Professional sports teams lose money 3 Human error is a part of the game

Games become less interesting if a machine is dictating the calls
There's a sense of tradition
Referees can give feedback on the call NO 1. Correctness Is Key

Players, coaches, teams deserve to have plays called correctly
Incorrect calls can change the course of a game
Plays are often miss called in all pro sports 2. Fans pay a TON of money
In this economy, ticket prices are as unaffordable as ever for the average sports fan
When fans DO buy tickets, they deserve to see a correctly called game 3. Instant replay should be added to all aspects of the game (ex. penalties, fouls, etc.)
Often plays involving penalty calls cannot be reviewed because of the rules (NFL)
Many calls such as holding could be the difference between a 60 yard TD pass and a ten yard penalty Our Take...
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