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Bloom's Taxonomy

describing how to move through the levels of learning to higher order thinking skills

Angela Mohr

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of Bloom's Taxonomy

Taxonomy the 6 levels of learning 6 Benjamin Bloom knows... Remembering Understanding Apply Analyze Evaluate Create HOTS LOTS Quick FYI:taxonomy means
orderly classification cows get the basic facts interpret the basic facts use facts to explain or demonstrate knowledge organize facts to see patterns and meanings more subjective:
critique the facts to judge bringing it all together for
a new point
of view The top 3 levels, Analyzing, Evaluating, and Creating, are where
gifted thinkers live...this is
home. The basic 3 levels, Remembering-Understanding-Applying,
are necessary
before moving on to the thinking levels... Higher Order Thinking Skills Lower Order Thinking Skills ...without the LOTS basic facts, a project falls flat.... Let's see how
this works: Moving on to the
higher level thinking! What do you know about learning? This is a cow. At the Understanding level,
define the parts--
how do the parts work. Basic facts--
what are the parts? such as label a chart or
tell a friend all about cows Analyze one cow against another--what are the patterns? Which breed is better for dairy production, which is better for meat? Take all that cow thinking and innovate
new! Holy Cow! I get it!
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