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How to Acquire Food Then and Now

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Haley T

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of How to Acquire Food Then and Now

How to Acquire Food Then and Now ^-^
By Haley T
A Year Down Yonder
In 1937 the Great Depression was still affecting many people. People would have to be smart with money and relay on livestock and nature for food. I wondered how that changed from then to today.
Today I will Show you How People Back then Grew Crops!
1. We will be making a little garden. You will need:
Seeds of your choice
Pot or piece of land for planting your crop. Make sure you have the best pot for your plant.
If decided you want a pot for your plant talk to your local nursery or local cooperative extension office about free soil kits
Fertilizer (optional)
Growing Your Crop
2. Locate your bag of seeds and open by ripping package in a horizontal motion.
3. Find either you pot or preferable land for your gardening. Location is everything.We will be using a simple pot for our procedural.
The Next Step
The Plant
6. Then locate your seeds and place them in the pot. Separate then push under the soil.
7. Then your done!Make sure your plant gets:
6-8 hours of sun a day.
1 in of water a week.
Your Adventure Begins!

"Before us the countryside unfolded, silvered by frost and moonlight. There the pumpkins lolled, gleaming beneath their scrubby foliage"
Acquire- to gain for oneself

Lolled- sit, lie, or stand in a lazy relaxed way

Foliage- Plant leaves, collectively

Necessary- required to be done, achieved, or present; needed; essential

Unfamiliar-not known or recognized
The World of Today
Today farms are grown all over the world and crops are shipped from everywhere.
Not only that, but people have learned to make many things with these wide variety of ingredients.
Farmed Goods Pictures
Think About It
Today I Will Show You How People Today Buy Food
You will need:
A list of groceries (optional)
A way of transportation
Coupons also optional
Depending on which store your going to you may or may not have to bring your own bag.
A way to keep your groceries fresh, cold, and warm etc when you get home.
Lets Get Started
1. First step is to find your preferable store for grocery shopping. Keep in mind different stores offer different things.
Lets Do This
2. Next locate the store you wish to go to and use your way of transportation to get there. (A map may be necessary if you are unfamiliar with the area.)
3. Once you reach your destination park your car in a parking space and enter the store. (If you drove there by car)
We're Here!
4. Next locate your needed items.
Whats Next?
5. After your done locate the nearest check-out aisle. There you can pay for your grocery's
6. With your grocery's, on hand or cart, walk to the parking lot and find your car. Return cart once done.
We're Home
7. Once you get home it is recommend that you put your groceries up. Then your done!
Did You Know
The average person spends $287,000 on groceries a month
That's Not All
Why did this Change?
The world keeps growing. People have new ideas, we learn more, and dreams are achieved. The idea of farming, created the idea of market places, grocery stores, and soon online grocery businesses!
4. Open your bag of soil the same way with the seed pack.
5. Before adding soil add a reservoir to catch the water at the bottom of your pot. Next fill pot with the soil. Don't overflow!
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Amazons planning on creating an online grocery business!
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