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Sexuality in The Media: Commercials

No description

Marisa Morales

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Sexuality in The Media: Commercials

Sexuality in The Media: Commercials
The Premature Pour
In 2000, Heineken launched the “It’s All About The Beer” campaign.
One spot, called “The Premature Pour,” shows a beautiful seductive woman pouring Heineken into a glass.
The sexual content is implicit, yet direct.
The sexual reference in this and other spots caused sales to rise 13% in 2002.

Pregnancy is portrayed in commercials as...
Not a big deal
An amazing life event
A real issue in the United States

Socitally Unacceptable Vs Acceptable
From an advertising point of view, sexuality can have a biological, emotional/physical affect on the viewer
People can connect and relate to sex causing the viewer to have a stronger recognition with any product

Assistive Sex Products
Two main products:
-What it is, who mostly uses it, commercials…
-What it is, who mostly uses it, commercials…

Sex in Commercials
"Sexual information does grab attention. As long as people desire to be attractive to others, and as long as people desire romance, intimacy, and love, and all the wonderful feelings they involve advertisers can show how their products help meet those needs and desires. Whether we like it or not, products play a role in society’s intimacy equation.”
– Tom Reichert, University of Georgia, 2013 Business Insider

Hatfield, E., Forbes, M., & Rapson, R. (2012). Marketing Love and Sex. Society, 49(6), 506-511.
What Pregnancy Actually Is
Contraceptives in Commercials
A joint decision
An experience
A risk
A life long event

Condom commercials are portrayed sensually (directed to men)
B.C. commercials (directed towards women) portrayed with happy women taking "control"
B.C. commercials required to list some side effects may turn others away from the product
Reichart, Tyler. (2012). Ads that Change How We Think About Sex. University of Georgia.
Crooks, Robert, & Baur, Karla. (2011). Our Sexuality. (11th Ed.)
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