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child labour atvictorian times

No description

Pilar Lucas

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of child labour atvictorian times

CHILD LABOUR AT VICTORIAN TIMES Many Victorian children were poor and worked to help their families.children did various
kind of jobs.many of them where
dangerous and unpleasant. some children worked in
coal mines pushing trucks other opened and closed doors to allow air to circulate trough the tunnels other children worked in factories. they had piecers in cotton mills and would spend the day repairing broken threads. many o them fell ill or had bad accidents,which left them injuries. most factory and mine owners did
not realize that these works were
nasty to children.they made children
work for very long hours with a very
little pay.there were no laws to
protect children in those times. children in the country also worked. they did jobs like picking up stones
or scarng brids away from the crops.
the hours were long and the weather
was usually wet and cold. children were cheap and they
would not complain. some orphan or homeless children were sold to employers as chimney sweeps these boys were made to climb up
narrow chimneys in big houses to clean them.these children were young and thin.it was a very dirty and dangerous job. throughout queen victoria´s regin,new laws were passed to make it illegal to employ young children.
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