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DIYeL Process Flow

The Do It Yourself enterprise Learning project has an organic flow, as follows...

Jerry Michalski

on 29 October 2015

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Transcript of DIYeL Process Flow

DIYeL Process Flow
Query 1
Query 2
Looking Out
Do It Yourself
"Query 1" is a
in which participants
create media "nuggets"
in response to a provocative
media objects
In the Query 2 workshop
participants are asked a new Query
one closer to their business
and they generate more media nuggets
answering it
Once we've generated many nuggets
we look back on the effort
what have we learned?
what could we do better?
what should the next Queries be?
and we use the replies to improve the process
Now that we've generated nuggets
we look outward
at a world bursting with nuggets
some useful, many not so useful
which ones are relevant to our project?
how should we include them?
what is still missing?
let's go build those pieces
Now that we've collected many nuggets
and begin to understand our task
how should we organize them?
there isn't only one way
how many perspectives can we cover?
and where do we put these
navigation pages?
How do we know who's good at what?
let's build an assessment process
that is social
and will help us learn from each other
sort of like the apprentices and masters of old
what are the stages?
how do you get "approved"?
Lather, rinse, repeat
you design the Queries
you design the navigation
you design the assessment process
you participate online with others
GuildSmiths guides, shepherds and coaches
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