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Chapter 13: Section 3 &4

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carly cooke

on 20 March 2011

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Transcript of Chapter 13: Section 3 &4

Which three groups of early invaders successively conquered Norhern Europe? The Romans, Vikings, and Germanic tribes all successively conquered Northern Europe. What cultural impact did the British Empire have in many parts of the world? The English set out to control the British Isles and overtime England won control of it's neighbors, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland. The nation then became known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. No outside power ever effected Britain because it was an island and had a strong Navy and developed overseas trade. How have Northern European countries advanced representative government? English rulers lost power to the English Parliament, so a more representitive goverenment evolved. In 1215, nobles forced the king to sign the Magna Carta. That document inspired representative government. The Nordic countries also developed representative government. Discuss how the Industrial Revolution motivated Britain to build an empire. Britain imported raw material from it's colonies and sold finished goods to those colonies because of the growth of industry. Explain how the English caused longstanding and contiuing unrest in Ireland. The English caused longstanding and continuing unrest in Ireland by having Protestant English rulers strengthen their hold on catholic Ireland by seizing Irish land and giving it to Scottish and English Protestant. This left many Irish in poverty and caused them to flee and call for Independence. They then split into 2 states, the Representive of Ireland gained Indepencence and Northern Ireland remained part of the United Kingdom. What role do natural resources play in Europe's economy? Sweden exports timber. Iceland relies heavily on it's fishing industry and production of fish products. Norway earns a large portion of income from North Sea oil. Where is Silicon Glen and why is it important economically? Silicon Glen is between Glasgow and Edinburgh. It's important economically because it has many high-tech companies that use silicon chips. It produces 32% of Europe's personal computers and 51% of Europe's notebook computers. Name a Northern European country that has chosen not to join the European Union. Why? Norway, because of mixed feelings about EU policy. How did the Reformation affect religion in Northern Europe? Several different Protestant churches took root in Northern Europe, most of the region is still Protestant. Only Ireland kept Cathoclism as its main faith. How does Reformation affect YOU today? The religion I follow today wouldn't be created and I would be a Catholic In what ways have Great Britain and Ireland influenced world literature? Works of William Shakespeare, greatest playwright of all time, are still being performed on stage. William Wordsworth created the popularized use of everday speech in poetry. Charlotte Bronte influenced later novels. James Joyce shaped modern fiction by exploring techniques to portray human thoughts. What gains have women in Nordic countries made toward political equality in the 1990's? Women made up 25% of parliament in Iceland, 36% in Finland and Denmark, and 43% in Sweden. What welfare services do the countries of Northern Europe fund? Finland, Norway and Sweden gave families a yearly allowance to help raise their children. Nordic goverenments helped fund national health insurance programs. To pay for programs people had very high taxes. What is a cultural crossroads? A place where various cultures cross paths. Why have many empires tried to control Eastern Europe? Because the region is an important crossroads. What defines Eastern Europe as a cultural crossroads? Since Acient times people have been moving between Europe and Asia, traders, nomads, migrants, and armies. They have passed through this region What does the term Balkanization describe? The process of a region breaking up into small, mutually hostile units. How has ethnicity led to turmoil in Eastern Europe? Most ethnic groups in Eastern Europe fiercely guarded their identities. Many wanted their own nation-states, even though few had a history of self rule. These characterisitcs sparked many conflicts. How did the Soviet Union's withdrawal from eastern Europe create instability? Eastern European demanded political and economic reforms. The old governments had taught people to be loyal only to the Communist Party. After those governments fell people returned to ethnic loyalties. Why did Eastern European countries move from the farming to industries? The Soviet Union promoted industry there. Explain what a Communist government is. All political power is given to the government. How did communist governments restrict economic development? The government owned all factories and told them what to produce. How has moving toward a market economy been of benefit in Eastern Europe? It made goods that consumers wanted to buy, which allowed them to cut their prices and improve production. What effect does the variety of Eastern European language have on the region? The number of languages makes it difficult to unify the region. How does religion contribute to the region's cultural diversity? Many different religions can be found here. What influences shape the folk art of Estern Europe? Religious beliefs, rural customs, and Byzantine art. How might the growth of industry create urban problems? Pollutions, traffic jams, and housing shortages. What minority groups have suffered discrimination? Jews and Romany (Gypsy) In what ways might extreme ethinic loyality inhibit the development of democracy? In democracy the people have the rights, so extreme ethinic loyality would inhibit the development of democracy because the people would feel they could make decisions based on their ethnic loyality.
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