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Applied Research Technologies Inc.

No description

Hope Money

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Applied Research Technologies Inc.

Applied Research Technologies Inc.
Global Innovation's Challenges By: Hope Money and Chris Money

Introduction to ART Inc.
Technology driven company that incorporated many major divisions
Healthcare (medical diagnostic equipment)
Industrial Automation (robotics)
Energy (extraction, conversion, and transportation solutions for the oil and gas industry)
HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning, including climate control solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial markets.
Success had been built on its innovative and entrepreneurial culture, coupled with a decentralized management philosophy
U.S. Water Industry Revenue
Mini Oxidation Attempt # 1 and # 2
Peter Vyas
Manager of Filtration Unit since 2001
Excellent talent manager
Recruited Janice Wagner for Marketing Manger
Hopes to revive the Filtration Buisness Unit

Cynthia Jackson
VP of ART's water management division
Was told from the beginning that the Filtration Unit had failed multiple times
Felt that the team was not doing a good job of analyizing the important details
Culture and Practices
Devoted 30% of sales to new products
CEO David Hall encourage brainstorming and promoted what he called "Tinker Time" so that employees tooka a half a day, one day a week to think about new ideas for the company
Sharing and dissemination played a huge role in the culture at ART Inc.
ART Inc. has independnt R&D teams both in the US and overseas
Organizational Flow Chart
India Technical Center (ITC) - subsidiary R&D group
more of an independent structure
likes to be able to get things done at their own pace

10/15/20 Target
10% sales growth
15% pre-tax margins
20% return on invested capital

Centralized R&D in both the U.S. and Foreign Geographics
Buisness Structure
Manager of the Water Filtration Division has been brought in to bring in the new product ideas.

He has recruited marketing manager Janice Wagner from the HVAC division to lead the team on a new project idea.

Wagner collaborated with ITC Technicians in India to come up with a mini water oxidation system.

The product has been coordinated two times but has failed.

The failures have cost ATC millions of dollars in lost revenue.

The new VP of the water management division is ready to shut the department down if a third attempt fails as well.
Brief Overview on Case Study
Attempt #1
To provide clean water for 3rd world countries
Bad Odor that funders found unacceptable
Technicians at ITC failed to convert trials into orders

Attempt #2
Military Use and NGO disater relief
was able to get rid of bad odor
new technology used too much power causing mutliple battery replacements
Technicans at ITC failed to convert trials into orders
Mini Oxidation Attempt # 3
Attempt # 3

Process waster water treatment for irrigation purposes

Brought in HVAC division to help with business plan
HVAC has residiential market division

26% of U.S. in moderate to extreme drought conditions

Filtration Unit should be under the HVAC business division
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