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Channel your student's chatter with Chatterpix

No description

Chelsea Bethke

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Channel your student's chatter with Chatterpix

By Chelsea Bethke and Heather Burgess

Channel your student's chatter with Chatterpix
Free easy to use app
No log in or account required
Lets your pictures talk and come to life
Captures the student's thoughts and idea
Can create content across the curriculum which can be shared
Social Studies
Across the Curriculum Creations!
Solve a math problem
Assess student knowledge
Critical writing in math
Teach a child to solve a problem
Present content students
Explain procedures for using different math functions
Interpret data (talking graphs)
Recognizing patterns
Explaining WHY

Only 30 second recording time
Only use one picture and one speaker
Cannot be uploaded to google drive
Picture must be taken from the camera or saved in camera roll
App Smashing
Using multiple apps to create your product!
Using another app first
drawing app (Hello Crayon, Show Me, 30 Hands)
app that takes pictures or creates pictures (Farmyard)
Putting Chatterpix into other apps
Explain scientific method in experiments
Evaluate results
Explain science concepts
Interpret data
Make correlations between ideas
Bring vocabulary to life
Explain chemical compounds
Critical writing
Explain things in different points of view
Talking historical figures, inventors, explorers, settlers, colonist, soldiers, american citizens,
Explaining now and then
Explaining holidays and customs
Talking maps
Cause and effect of events
Demonstrate supply and demand
Book talks
Book trailers
Authors message/purpose
How to
Compare and contrast
Word work
Critical writing
Story retelling
Fiction vs. nonfiction
Explaining the writing process
Make grammar talk
Technology TEKS
Apply prior knowledge to develop new ideas, products and processes
Create a original products using a variety of resources
Create, execute, evaluate and modify steps to accomplish a task
Publish documents with peers
Format digital information including font, color, graphics, animation etc.
Using problem solving within the app
Evaluate products prior to final submission
Collect, analyze, and represent data using digital tools.
Keyboarding techniques
Rigor and Differentiation
Use question stems to promote rigor
Use opened projects to allow students to take it to their own level
Have students teach other students
Kids that normally struggle with writing can orally explain their thinking
Reaches kids with ESL needs/fine motor/learning disabilities
Allows fast finishers, out of the box thinkers, or higher level thinkers to dive deeper into concepts
Provide differentiated starters
Bugs that could creep up...
Click yes if asked to access photos or microphone. If you click no you will have to go into settings, privacy, photos or microphone and slide the button over to show green.
Sharing and getting it off the iPad
Export it to the camera roll
Airdrop it (Using iPad 5 or higher/ mini)
Email it
YouTube it and create a QR code
Try it out
link to step by step directions here.....

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