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The Merchant of Venice Lesson 7: The Trial Scene

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Hannah McCombie

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of The Merchant of Venice Lesson 7: The Trial Scene

The Trial Scene

What's happened?
As you come in...
Have a go at working out these anagrams.
Now we've seen some of the film...
Answer these questions in your book. Then I might let you watch some more.
I'd like you to focus on what Shylock's doing.
Every time we see him in a new scene, I'd like you to write down
he's doing,
he's talking to and
he's saying it.
Salanio and Salarino (Antonio's friends) met up with Shylock and taunted him about Jessica's elopement.
They asked Shylock whether he knew if what was said about Antonio's ships was true.
Shylock says that Antonio will soon be bankrupt and he swears to collect his bond.
Bassanio picks the lead casket. Opening it, he finds a portrait of Portia and a poem confirming his winnings.

Portia gives Bassanio a ring that she makes him promise to keep on, as if he removes it, it signifies the end of his love for her.
Act 3 Scene 3
Antonio's in chains!
Antonio didn't pay back the loan, and so Shylock is entitled to take his pound of flesh.
The Trial
The duke does everything he can to get Antonio off the charge - but to no avail.
Shylock is determined that he will have his revenge, when Bassanio offers him
What will Shylock do?
Write me an answer in your book, with reasons why, and any evidence you can find.
Shylock turns down the money and says,
"If every ducat in six thousand ducats
Were in six parts, and every part a ducat,
I would not draw them. I would have my bond."
Answer the following question on your post-it note:
Salanio and Salarino
What do you think Antonio will do?
Do you think Shylock will go through with it?
Bassanio recieves a letter from Antonio, saying that all of his ships are lost and he will soon be forced into giving Shylock his pound of flesh. He asks to see Bassanio before he dies.
How do you think Bassanio feels here?
What would you do if Antonio was your friend?
. How do you feel about Shylock now? Do you still like him? Or do you think he's a nasty piece of work?
. How do you feel about the Christians in the film?
As we watch some more...
Shylock is escorting Antonio to prison in chains.
I want you to read through the scene in pairs and then I want you to highlight evidence that shows Shylock as a villain.
Enfold of push
At onion
(1 word)
(1 word)
(3 words)
China stir
(1 word)
Do you think Shylock is a
or a
Give a reason why.
Do you think he should?
Or do you think Antonio's been punished enough?
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