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on 4 January 2016

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Transcript of Symbolism

Think to yourself
Take a look at these pictures and answer these questions:

What do each of them mean?
What do the pictures do that sets them on a common ground?
What can be symbols?
Elements (fire, water, earth, etc.)
... everything **
Context is important
Some symbols have multiple meanings
The meaning of a symbol depends on how it's used
Symbols are cultural
Some cultures interpret symbols differently
If you read a book/watch a movie from a different culture, be aware that the way some symbols are used may be different than from what we typically see
What is a symbol?
Something that represents an idea
Often appears more than once to show how important it is
Meanings stem from cultural/religious knowledge
Yellow rose
Western meaning: friendship
Japanese meaning: jealousy
Western meaning: love, passion, anger, etc.
Chinese meaning: luck
Japanese meaning: heroism
Chinese characters are symbolic
How are symbols used?
Try it!
The song is called "Miss Murder." Pay attention to the following things that appear in the video.


How do these images contribute to the idea of the song?
May be used to foreshadow the fate of a character
Daisy (
The Great Gatsby
Wears white (white = innocence)
Her name (daisy = innocence)
to think she's innocent because of the symbolism but she's actually not!
Anakin Skywalker (
Star Wars
), AKA Darth Vader
Starts wearing more black in
Revenge of the Sith/Part III
(black = darkness)
Hints at his fall to darkness and transition to Darth Vader
Is there anything that shows why the song would be called "Miss Murder"? Make a list!
"Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow" (Perfume)
"Love Like Winter" (AFI)
"Warn your warmth to turn away
Here it's December every day
Press your lips to the sculptures and surely you'll stay
(Love like winter)
For of sugar and ice, I am made"
"Your brightness, your sweet whisper
My sigh, to the point where I can't breathe
The sky's glow, the brilliant light
Like a jewel box, the star-studded twinkle snow"
"The cutie girl whose wish was granted, who conveyed her feelings, whose fingers trembled..."
Snow = winter = death
Snow = stars = wishes
Adds depth to a setting or character
Zelda (
The Legend of Zelda
Wears purple (purple = royalty)
Wears white (white = purity)
Fights with Light Arrows (light = good)
We can tell she's true to her role as a princess and one of the heroes in the game
Contribute to the overall message (theme) in the story
Moral of
The Great Gatsby
: the 1920s are not as great as they seem.
Black = death
The sky is dark = not good
Rabbit = life, but it's black, so ironically it means death too?
Three hares = ???
Anything else?
** it has to have
meaning we can easily tell based on our knowledge of the setting and culture, or the role it plays in the story
What is a symbol?
What does a symbol do?
What can be a symbol?
What does a symbol need to have to qualify?
Lions are seen as noble, brave, and confident leaders.

Aslan from
The Chronicles of Narnia
Mufasa and Simba from
The Lion King
Katy Perry in the music video for "Roar" (well, in her lyrics)
White often symbolizes purity and innocence.

Clarisse from
Fahrenheit 451
Daisy from
The Great Gatsby
Namine from
Kingdom Hearts
The nerd who turns beautiful all along™ played by Taylor Swift in the music video for "You Belong With Me"
Chinese: li3; Japanese: sumomo
Chinese: mu4
Japanese: ki
Chinese: zi3
Japanese: ko
Fire is often associated with destruction.
Book burning in
Fahrenheit 451
Scar in
The Lion King
, or every villain in every movie ever who shows up for the final battle with fire in the background
In Christianity, the apple represents the forbidden fruit/original sin.
Snow White from
Snow White
The original book cover of
We will learn what symbols are and their importance in storytelling
We will learn how they are used in literature and media
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