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No description

Madii Elliott

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of 4/14/10

Carrer Shadowing, my day at Swim4Life! Purpose of this company: The purpose of this company is to teach kids, ages 6 months through 6 years to swim and save lives. In 2004, there were 3,308 drownings in the United States, an average of nine people per day. Swim4Life was made to teach young kids how to swim before their already grown up. Where this company will be in 15 years: Swim4Life will most likely be in the same economical stage. There will most likely be more instructors to the program but the company is at a good position. Embloyability skills for this job: The main employability skills for this job are being patient and trustworthy. It takes a lot of patience to deal with multiple screaming kids per day, which could get very stressful at times. Being trustworthy is also a big factor because it takes trust to let the parents put their childs life in your hands. It can be very stressful to the parents as well as the instructors. Average salary & Education needed: The average salary of a Swim4Life instructor is 18,000, keep in mind this a part time job. This job requires no college education, just training from a Swim4Life master instructor. Technology used in this job: The technology in this job is average. Using email to schedule lessons, making phone calls to remind patients of their lessons anf maybe any questions they have for the instructor, and Swim4Life has a website. Social Etiquette needed for this job: Social Etiquette needed for this job is being polite for one, if you are not polite to the parents or the children their defintely not going to want to come back and trust you with their child. Again being trustworthy is very important so the parents will trust you with their children in the pool. Would I persue this as my career? Although it was a fun day I do not think I would want this as my own job. To be honest I could not put up with screaming kids day by day. Also whenever I pursure a career I want a higher paying salary. What I like about this job: One thing I enjoyed about this job is that you get to spend the whole day in the water. I love being in the pool and swimming and this is definitely a job to do so. What I dislike about this job: One thing I dislike about this job is that while your teaching the children they cry most of the time. When you become a master instructor you usually have 6-7 lessons a day, which is 6-7 screaming kids a day. If I were to become a Swim4Life instructor I believe I would become very stressed out. By: Madii Elliott Pictures cannot be taken due to privacy reasons.
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