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The inheritor

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on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of The inheritor

The Inheritor
by: Frank Roberts

man vs. environment
man vs. himself
Ewe: "Now the sheep began to make short dashes up and down the slope, afraid of the water, terrified of the dingo, and inevitably about to sacrifice itself to one death or the other."

Dingo: "He was afraid because it was wild, alien, capable of savagery, vicious, indomitable."

Crows: "Only the wheeling crows were above pity. They were infinitely patient, nerveless, secure."

The man: "He knew it was compassion seeking to force him into foolish action by perversion of logic, suggesting that he divert the dingo now, before its exquisite desire became madness."
-A small peak hill in Australia known as Lone pine because it has only one tree on it.
on the island.....
man ewe dingo
right underneath the pine
running towards the pine
she is ignorant about her current situation and cropping grass around the tree.
rising action
Rising Action
The story starts out in the middle of a island and a man is running away from the flood trying to get into a dead tree when he notices a dingo and a ewe.
Rising action
The man examines his current situation and realizes that he has to wait for the dingo to attack the sheep so that he will have a chance to climb on the tree without getting hurt by the vicious dingo.
Rising Action
The man had a internal struggle with himself whether to follow his nature to save the sheep or to stay where he is and wait. He decided to save the sheep.
The man had a huge fight with the dingo over saving the sheep and the man and dingo both got injured badly.
The man strangled the dingo and brought the sheep up the pine. They finally got spotted by a helicopter and the man refused to go on the plane without taking the sheep.
The man: protagonist, dynamic character
The ewe: flat character
The dingo: antagonist, static character
The crows: flat character
The pilots: flat character
Literary Devices
-"a man can be a fool." - dialogue
-"As a flood consumed the ground" - personification
-"Dingo danced out of his reach" - alliteration
-point of view- third person point of view
the strong compassionate protecting the weak and innocent from the cruel and vicious.
"He was sure that the dingo had forgotten him, closed him out, but any simple movement would restore him. That might save the ewe."
"That image needed correcting. It was too dramatic. The dingo could only attack with its jaws and its weight, probably much less than his, He had defensive and offensive power in his hands, arms, legs, and booted feet. So the dog had more to fear from him. He was afraid because it was wild, alien, capable of savagery, vicious, indomitable."
"Gradually the water would force them up toward the dog, who held all the advantages and who now recognized his prime enemy."
Reality check
Question B Quotes
Critical Thinking
a.What does a the story tell us about society, humanity and human nature?
b.chooes 2 characters from the story and describe their relationship.
c.find a point where decision is made and explain.
Question A quotes
Thank you for watching! :)
by: Wendy Z, Christy L, Carlo S, and Michelle Wang:)
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-What do you think is the most important part of the story?
-what do u think is the most exciting part of the story?
-what was going through your mind as you read those parts?
-Did anything surprise, disgust or delight you?
-Connection to previous class materials.
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