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Poison Arrow Frog


Allison Hurst

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Poison Arrow Frog

Basics Cell Signaling Process Mechanism Research Poison Arrow Frog changes permeability of nerve and muscle cells
large influx of Na+ resulting in depolarization
muscles stay contracted
may results in heart arrhythmias or cardiac arrest Signal Cause ( ligand ) : Bratrachotoxin(BTX)
Receptor: coupled sites, voltage gated sodium channels.
Pathway: BTX binds specifically to voltage-gated Na+ channels causing steady state activation, preventing all forms of inactivation, slowing deactivation and altering ion selectivity.
Batrachotoxin binds to and irreversibly opens the sodium channels of nerve cells such they cannot reset. The neuron is no longer capable of 'firing' (sending messages) and this results in paralysis.
Response: BTX kills by permanently blocking nerve signal transmission to the muscles. The toxin interferes with heart conduction, causing arrhythmias, extrasystoles, ventricular fibrillation and other changes which lead to cardiac arrest. by: Maddie Sligh, Corrine Pollock,
Allison Hurst, and Alina Ahmad - Toxin- any poison produced by microorganisms causing certain diseases. Vary between species and populations within the species.
- Main Toxin in Poison Dart Frogs: Batrachotoxins - Native to Costa Rica
- More poisonous frogs have brighter coloration -Scientists discovered toxin comes from beetles
-Medical scientists looking for a way to use toxin as a possible painkiller
-No effective antidote but a treatment ( DigiBind) for digioxin poisoning has scientists on the right track
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