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Google Glass VS Smartphone

No description

Ashley Panduro

on 24 November 2015

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Transcript of Google Glass VS Smartphone

What can Google Glass do?
Social media accounts
search the web
Google Glass Versus Smartphone
Google glass
faster at accesing info
does many things a smartphone can do
more convenient- safer to use while executing another action.
Study from Ohio State University- number of injuries treated in 100 emergency rooms nationwide related to pedestrians using cellphones-doubled between 2005 and 2010 to > 1500.
Ages between 16-25
Google Glass
Research Question:
Should Google Glass be used to multitask instead of a smartphone?
Engineering college students
First wearable computer- 1960s
head mounted- 1990s-Steve Mann
Google Glass- 2012
What is wearable technology?
A computer small enough to be worn on the body
Hands free interaction
allow access to computational resources whenever and wherever the person is.
What is Google Glass?
computer mounted on head
shaped like glasses
eye wearable technology
What is a smartphone?
-A mobile phone with things such as
high res touch screen
wifi connectivity
web browsing
Problems with Google Glass
1. Distracting
Display in peripheral
Drive Safe-detect and alert drivers when they are falling asleep.
For engineering students for educational purposes
We no longer have privacy
Dopler radars and Stingray devices
There is no privacy in public space.
Google Glass is not hidden, not a secret pen.
Google Glass
computational wearable device
execute commands like smartphone
Engineering college students begin to use Google Glass on a daily basis
multitask quicker
organize time
reach information faster(voice)
compliment phone

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