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Microsoft Case OB - IE - Group D

No description

Sultan Alhu

on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of Microsoft Case OB - IE - Group D

S.W.O.T. Analysis
Case Background: Microsoft
Key Issue:
Questions ?
Competing on Talent

“We want smart people, who work hard, and who get things done.” Steve Ballmer
World’s Most Admired Companies (Fortune)
Net Revenues (1999)- $19.75 billion
# of Employees (1999)- 31, 575
Exceptional People = Outstanding Software
“Caffeine Culture”
I: Lack of The entrepreneurial culture.
II: Escape of senior talents.
III: “N Minus One”
Solution 2: How to retain the senior management especially those in their late 30’s/early 40s
Utilize/learn from employee surveys
Mandatory action plans

Management training
Before/After promotion
*Formal Training- Semi Annual
*Online Modules- Monthly
Team ready
Break even
Beta out
About Microsoft
SWOT Analysis
Key Issues
Case Background: Microsoft
Recruiting Process
Rigorous Interview Process
Compensation and PercentageBenefits
Offer Acceptance
Retention rate of employees
7 years or more
Managerial Development
Continuous "n minus 1" focus

Other companies providing a better
job environment.
Changing Technology
Changing of Laws
Group D:
Antonio Gioia
Anas Al Masri
Gabriel Barbosa
Maria Teresa Goiri Presmanes
Sultan Alhuwaimel
Gijbert Aart Kaasschieter
How Do We Fix It?
Solution 1: Management's managerial skills
Foster work life balance


Resort life on campus

Company functions/events
Solution 3: How do you keep the “n minus one” mentality
people challenged and motivated without burning them out
“N minus ½”

Keeping the spirit alive

“How will you change the world?!”

*Used on memos, posted in offices, reminded
in meetings
Changing The World...
“We were literally changing the world. You felt you were at the center of the universe. It was an invigorating feeling…”

“Our efforts are significant to millions of people– it’s the old change-the-world thing”
Quotes from Employees:
Issue #1 : Lack of The entrepreneurial culture and highly controlled and bureaucratic environment.
Techies, not innovators.
Highly competitive and politics
Micro-managing by Gates
Issue 2: How to retain the senior management especially
those in their late 30’s/early 40s
Diversify the workforce
Recruiting sen. managers with experience from other companies
Importance of Managers

10 Senior Level Departures

Worklife balance/burnout
Issue 3: Challenge and motivate without burning them out
"n minus one" employment philosophy
1 year at Microsoft is like 3 years elsewhere
Human Resources Management
What's breaking Microsoft Apart?
The escape of senior talents due to:
Human Resources within Microsoft
The Importance of HR
The Functions
Strong Company
Internal Issues
Solution Implementation
Remain Industry Leader
The entrepreneurial Spirit of the company
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