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Mrs. Reck First Day of School

Prezi to introduce rules, procedures, and expectations of students for the 2013-2014 school year.

shelle reck

on 19 August 2016

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Transcript of Mrs. Reck First Day of School

Mrs. Reck's Classroom- D1
Be respectful.
Be prepared.
Be on task.
All school rules apply in this class!
How to enter our room:
Step 1: Warning
Step 2: Written Warning and Conference with
Step 3: Call to Parent/Guardian & Lunch Detention
Step 4: Call to Parent/Guardian & Lunch Detention
Step 5: Call to Parent/Guardian & Referral
Husband- Senior Chief in the U.S.Navy
Daughter- Lilly
Hobbies: Photography,
Hiking, Camping, Basketball, etc.
A little about me:
stress free class
verbal praise
positive notes home to parents
other rewards may be earned
1-You will line up in the hall before the bell. Girls against the wall. Boys in a parallel
line. If you are not in line when the bell rings you are tardy.
2-While waiting for the bell remove your pencil and science folder from your
backpack. Have them in your hands before you enter the room. You will not
enter the room until they are in your hand!
3-As you enter the room store your backpack and Chromebook on the shelf along
the perimeter of the room.

4-If you need a pencil, get it from the designated area
return it after class is over. You will not be dismissed until all pencils are returned.
5-All class worksheets will be in the basket at each table. Immediately collect the
worksheet place it in your folder and begin on the bell work assignment.- 3 mins.
How I will get your attention?
When I need your attention I will use a call and response technique. (Clap once... students clap, Clap twice.... )
I was absent, did we do anything?
Yep, we sure did! You can find all past assignments in the area at the side of the room labeled "Were you absent?" It is your responsibility to check for any work you missed and complete the assignments. Do not interrupt class to ask questions about what you missed.
My Pencil broke!
Sharpen your pencil when you enter the room. If you need to borrow a pencil there are pencils available at each desk.
I'm thirsty!
There is a water fountain outside the classroom door. If you are thirsty get a drink before you enter. Once you enter the room I will allow you to leave to get a drink.
Can I go to the bathroom?
Our class time is only 40 minutes long. Due to this short amount of time I will not grant bathroom passes. Please, go to the bathroom before coming to class.
Again, I WILL NOT issue a bathroom pass! DO NOT ASK!
I have something to say.
I want you to participate in class discussions. HOWEVER it is very important you think about what you have to say and stay ON TOPIC. If you want to answer a question or have a RELEVANT comment you should raise your hand.
DO NOT BLURT!!! Blurting will result in a step!
I have something to say but it is off topic.
If you have an off topic question or comment write it down and ask during the final 3-5 minutes of class.
I believe in you!!
This is going to be a GREAT year!
I have high expectations and I know you will do your best!
*If misbehavior continues you will be sent to a partner
teacher's classroom. If misbehavior disrupts the
second teacher's room you will be instructed to return
to your regular teacher and a referral will be written.
*Severity Clause: Immediate Referral to the Office.
Describe the entry procedure for science class.
Remember you must ALWAYS use complete sentences in your answer.
I will follow the district grading scale.
4- Advanced Proficient
3- Proficient
2- Basic
1- Below Basic
Your grade in this class will be based upon your test scores. You may retake any tests but reteaching will only occur on "Guaranteed" portions of the standards.
I feel like wandering around the classroom...
DO NOT DO IT! RESIST! Do NOT under any circumstances get out of your seat without permission.
How Do I leave the classroom?
When class is in the final 2-3 minutes I will ask students to clean up their desk area. During this time I will be checking to ensure that all pencils are returned and desks are clean. If time allows I will allow small groups of students to collect their Chromebooks and backpacks. When the bell rings STAY IN YOUR SEAT. I will dismiss the class when the bell rings.
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