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Social interaction

No description

Ahmed Assad

on 29 March 2017

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Transcript of Social interaction

In Arab culture the nature of interaction between men and women depends on situation

Continual interaction is expected at work or in professional situations

In social situations, interaction between men and women is carefully controlled

The degree of control differ between countries

Social interaction
Most Arab still prefer family arranged marriages

Many Arabs believe that because marriage is a major decision, it is important to seek family approval

Many families in the Arabian gulf will marry first or second cousin

Reasons for this kind of marriage is reassuring to marry someone whose background, character and financial position are well known

Marriage within family means reinforcing kinship solidarity

While companionship is important, they want financial security, social status of being married, and children

In traditional Arab society, men and women have well-defined scope of activities and decision making

Inside the family, women have a good deal of power.

They usually have the decisive voice in matter relating to household expenditures, the upbringing, education of children and the arrangements of marriage

The older the women becomes, the more status and power she accrues

Men owes great respect to their mother all their lives, and they must make effort to obey their mother’s wishes

The mother of sons gains more status

Women power in the family
Arab men and women are careful about appearance when they meet

It is improper to be in a room together with the door closed, to go out in a date, or to travel together.

Shared activities take place with other people present

The public display of intimacy between men and women is forbidden by Arab social code

Social interaction
The degree to which women have been integrated into the workforce and circulate freely in public varies among Arab countries.

In the Arabian gulf fewer women have jobs outside (few need income),

Status of women
Arab society is build around the extended family system.

Individual feel a strong affiliation with all their relative

Family loyalty and obligations take precedence over loyalty to friends or job

Relative are expected to help each other, including financial assistance if necessary

Family affiliation provide security and assures a person that they are never without resources

Membership in a well-known or influential family ensure social acceptance, obtaining good education, find good job

Reputation of any member of a family group reflects on all others members

A widespread conviction is that only reliable people are one’s kinship


Arab grow up surrounded by adoring family who share in child rearing

In Arab culture the most important requirement is respectful behavior in front of others

Unlike westerners, all adults may share in correcting a child

Among Arabs it is an extremely important responsibility to bring children up so that they will reflect well on the family

Children success in life reflect directly on their parents . Parents will take credit for their children success

Parents readily make sacrifice for their children welfare

Arab parents welcome their children dependence

Child rearing practice
Western have an exaggerated image of the status of Arab and Muslim women

Many news are based on the worst possible example

Arab first ladies have been active in promoting women’s right for years

In most Arab countries women have the right to vote

Arab Women are increasingly represented at various levels of government

Women are well represented in the parliament

Status of women
An Arab man is recognized as the head of his immediate family

The wife has an important role but mostly behind the scene

While a woman may show deference to her husband in public, she may not a always accord him the same deference in private

Status in the family increase as a person grows older

Responsibility for other members of the family rests heavily on older men and on older sons

The mother is the source of emotional support and love.

The father tends to display affection; he is the source of authority

Relations among family members
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