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Dealiest Animals

No description

Quinn McCord

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Dealiest Animals

The World's Deadliest Animals come here
to see who is the actual DEADLIEST ANIMAL. SHARKS Dogs Crocs Gorrillas Snakes Bears Tasmanian Devils Poison Dart Frogs Lions Bisons Tigers Tasmanian Devils
like to feast on small
birds in Australia. Polar Bears like to
feed on Penguins
in the North and
South Poles. Gorrillas sometimes kill
small humans in Africa. Snakes can eat things much larger than its body, so it eats small mamals like rabbits, rats, and squirrils in places all over the world. Sharks eat many animals
like fish and seals, but
their hardest pray is sea birds
like pelicans and segals. African lions eat many animals
in africa, and mountains eat
many animals in America, but
monkeys are a special prey. Tigers eat chimps and
Asian humans in China. Dogs eat many small animals
but they are famous for chaseing
and killing cats.
Crocs eat water buffalos when
they come to get water at lakes
and swamps. Any animal that eats a
poison dart frog will touch
a human Bisons run over deer in america
for protection.
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