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Study Skills

No description

Michelle McGuirk

on 1 September 2016

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Transcript of Study Skills

Have you ever??
Sat down to do your math homework but ended up spending an hour on facebook instead?

Talk to the person next to you and tell them about a time you've "forgotten" something you needed to do for school.
The brain has to filter out what it pays attention to
Study Skills
Reached the end of a page in your science book only to realize you have no idea what you read?

Missed an assignment because you didn’t
hear the teacher assign homework in the first place?!

Did you know...
Forty-six credits are required to graduate.
The following is a list of required subjects and credits.
Speech 1
English 8
World History 1
US History 2
Government 2
Economics 1
Science 6
Mathematics (2 in senior year) 6
Health 1
P.E. 1
Humanities 1
Electives 1
Total 46
How many of you were able to count the number of passes?

How many of you were able to see the dancing bear?
Did you notice me??
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