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Greatest American- Cameron Dallas!

This was for a Social Studies Project Last year but I wanted to keep it up. So I did!!! But I also added my experience from social con/ meeting him in there to just prove my points that he cares!

Natalie Mattmiller

on 17 January 2015

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Transcript of Greatest American- Cameron Dallas!

Experience- meeting him
Last words
Rules of Autographs
Cameron is one of the sweetest people to ever meet (The other three guys were nice as well) but I you ever have a chance to meet him DO IT. It is so worth it I promise

Cameron Dallas
Why Cameron?
I did NOT pick Cameron because he is good looking or he is popular!
I picked him because...
“saved” lives with inspirational thoughts/sayings.
Does not let the fame that he has go to his head/ He is down to earth

May have heard of similar things like this with...
Justin Bieber
One Direction
Other pop idols
More Reasoning
More Facts/ Fun Fact
Graduated high school in 2012
Most know for
Background Information
Cameron Alexander Dallas
Facts Already known
Meeting him
Chino Hills, California
Fun Facts
Mom- Gina
Older Sister- Sierra
Greatest American- Cameron Dallas!
September 8, 1994 (20 years old)
Cameron is most know for his vine (social media for six second videos) account in which he has 4.4 Million followers.
On other Social Medias
Twitter: 2.1 Million Followers
Instagram: 3,317,414 Followers
Favorite color: Blue and Green
Height: 5'9
Favorite Food: Chicken Enchiladas
Favorite Show: That 70's Show
Cameron was bullied himself during high school. He (Cameron) said that he didn't really have any friends till sophomore year when he met Chris.
*ties into old reason*
This Video is a clip from a Goodbye video when Chris was leaving for two years.

This clip just shows Cameron talking about how he hated high school but later in the whole video he thanks Chris for being there for him
I had the honor of meeting Cameron on August 23rd at SocailCon in Chicago (I had the FAMTour VIP) and during the auto graph portion you were not aloud to...
When I got up to Cameron I told him how much he has helped me with Bulling/Self-harm and you werent aloud to ask for hugs but Cameron just stood up and hugged he was the Sweetest. I handed him the shirt I made him he "He said this is Sweet! Thank you!" and as I was about to leave I asked for a Hi-Five so I put my hand up and Cameron grabs my hand and says "Bye-Bye Gorgeous".
Ask for Hugs
Take Selfies
Take pictures or videos
Photo OP
When I got in the area I stood by Cam and he asked me what was up and stuff like that but he was talking to me in an Australian accent (I don't know why) but in the picture his eyes are closed and his mouth is open at least I know he was talking to me.
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