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New Year's Resolution Essay

Language Arts assignment

Taylor Ducharme

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of New Year's Resolution Essay

My Resolution's Personal Improvement School and the outside world Continued... Family and Friends Now, everyone has family problems, and the New Year is the best time to fix some of them. I would like to work on fighting less with my brother and more on work together, because even the smallest bicker can lead to something terrible. Sunday, January 6 we were leaving to go to my grandma’s to open Christmas presents and on the way out of the door me and my brother were fighting about how I thought the presents were heavy and that I wanted to hurry up and get there and my brother forgot to close the bedroom door. Then when we came back there on the rug was coupling (our dog) and Abby (our guinea pig) and what coupling did was a very bad thing, she had killed Abby. Now we know that even the smallest of things can lead to the very worst of things. (Abby, we love you. R.I.P) 5....4....3....2....1..Happy New Year!!! YAY! It is the start of a new year, which means the start of a new Me! When I can start fresh, fix things that went wrong last year, make new friends, see new things, and go new places. New Year's Resolution! And finally, this year I want to work more on my homework and less time messing around because my grades are dropping because of it. And if my grades stay bad then I can get kicked out of the school, and I really like this school it is fun and give me lots of opportunities. But if I get my work done then I will have good grades and still have time to do things and have fun. I would rather have good grades and all the rewards and good things that go with it, then have bad grades and get all the punishments that go with it just because I wanted to mess around. Well, years end and new ones start, but each one is different in their own way. How I will make this one different is I will work really hard to make track (to make my family proud), I will fight less with my brother because (even small things can lead to bad things), and I will work more on my homework and less on playing around so I can pull my grades up and stay at STEMM, (you get rewarded for good grades and punished for bad). I have some really big resolutions, looks like I better get started if I want to do them! More Info: Teacher: Mrs.Perkins
Class: Language Arts
Period: 1st
Date: 01/16/13 By: Taylor Ducharme I wonder what my New Year's Resolution will be. Will i clean up my act, will i help the environment! Well... let's find out. Okay, everyone knows at the start of a new year old sports leave, and new ones come in. So football, soccer, and tennis are out. And Baseball, basketball, and TRACK are IN! I love running I always have I got the sport from my mother, she said that when she was pregnant with me she was still running so technically I was running with her. It is a passion of mine to become a doctor or a long distance runner. Continued..... I want to try out for track, so I am going to practice my hardest, and do my very best. If I were to make the team it would be the best thing ever! I would stretch myself beyond my limits and push myself to the top! Just to make me, my mum, and my family proud of me! Conclusion And those are my Resolution thanks for watching!! Just ask me you have any questions
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