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Traffic Signs Recognition System

The presentation about computer system which do an autamiatic recognition of traffic signs

Krzysztof Dyczkowski

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of Traffic Signs Recognition System

Traffic Signs Recognition System Segmentation Fuzzy color segmentation Color model HSV RGB objects analysis connect objects remove objects to small and with a wrong acpect ratio example Fuzzy rule based system Example Fuzzy model segmentation encoding example input image localized regions remove objects which not meet criteria joining objects distances mutal relation overlapping Recognizing module Knowledge base System Architecture signs localization and separation from input image traffic sign pattern encoding traffic sign classification similarity measure division of the region into layers stores signs information and representatives
associated with them size is too small aspect ratio is too large or too small tests data tests results Tests results assumption collecting samples with different size taking recordings in different weather conditions (different illumination) traffic signs are viewed under slightly different
angles. associate encoded pattern with representative sign similarity measure learning process knowledge base signs localization and separtaion encoding and learning similarity measure recognized traffic sign recognition process thank you for attention ;) System in action... color segmentation pattern vector Krzysztof Dyczkowski, Paweł Gadecki, Adam Kułakowski Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science,
Adam Mickiewicz University,
Poznań, Poland
email: chris@amu.edu.pl Learning module allow fast finding of the representations of traffic signs Remove an object if segmentation and region retrival
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