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No description

Wei Ying

on 23 June 2015

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Transcript of BONIA

About Bonia
Bonia is owned by Bonia Corporation, a large holding group.
Founded by Mr S.S. Chiang in the year of 1974.
Creative Brief: BONIA
Market Analysis 1
The reason we do market analysis is to analyze how people think about Bonia.
We distribute the questionnaire manually to 50 respondents around Sunway Pyramid.
The survey form consists of 4 questions.
Situation Analysis
Customization services
Long lasting quality
Evergreen brand
A strong & familiar brand that already exist for few decades
Lack of online presence
Less direct interaction with retail customers
Old fashioned logo and design
Perception in mind of consumers that Bonia is meant for lower class category.
Bonia's Products
coin pouches
men's apparel
A high-end fashion retailer based in Malaysia.
Has a network of over 1100 sales outlets and 140 standalone boutiques throughout the world.
It markets leather wear, footwear, accessories and men's apparel.
Approach online market through social media
Product and services expansion
Change of the look & feel of Bonia to approach youths
Strong competitors such as Aldo,Charles & Keith and Padini
Competitor's product designs are close to the trend
Bonia’s products are slightly expensive compared to the competitors’ which provides lower price range
E-commerce prefer to buy online than visit the outlets physically
Being overwhelmed by social media marketing
Marketing Objectives
To create brand awareness among public
To increase online presence
To increase footfall during campaign period
1. To increase number of appearance of the print media
2. To have more radio spot during the morning drive to increase brand awareness
3. To convince consumers to follow Bonia's social media account
4. To have POS in different places to lead consumers to visit the outlets near to them
Target Audiences
20 - 45 years old
mainly female
Lives in urban area
Office Ladies
Middle range household income
Price sensitive
Unique Selling Points
Bonia encourages people to be unique and feel the new height of fashion with Bonia's special customization and delivery services.
Creative Direction
Appeal: Trendy
Tone: Happy & confidence
Color: Colorful & bright
Tactic 1: Print ads
Tactic 2
Tactic 3
Radio Ad
Interactive Ad
Key Visual: Trunks
Fashion Magazine
Newspaper Ad
: Lifts someone's spirit today
: To advertise the special delivery service provides by Bonia
Newspaper chosen
: Berita Harian, The Star & Sin Chew Daily
Ad size
Ad position
: Inner page
Travel Magazine
: Get spirited away on your vacation with Bonia
: To introduce the customization service of Bonia
Magazine chosen
: Travel 3sixty
Ad size
Ad position
: Inner page
2 versions of radio ad: To promote the special
delivery service
of Bonia. To promote the
customization service
of Bonia's trunks.
Announced during the morning drive from 7am to 10am daily.
The radio stations we've chosen are:
Print ad @ Airport luggage carts: Provides the location of Bonia's outlet in KLIA
Radio ad will be announced in 2 different language of radio stations which have the highest frequency among the others.

4th quarter of the year: October till December as this is the time when people start to shop for new things to welcome a brand new year and also visit shopping malls for year end sales.
Pulsing model: combination of continuity & flighting scheduling
: Bonia uplifting the inner woman in you
: To promote Bonia's trunks
Magazine chosen
: Female & ELLE
Ad size
: Full page full colour
Ad position
: Inner page
Shopping mall event: Follow the helium balloons path to receive a mysterious gift from Bonia.
Outdoor: Scan QR code & play a game
To promote special delivery service of Bonia
Indoor: Augmented reality
To promote the customization service of Bonia's trunks.
Billboard Ad
: Reaching new heights of style
: To promote the special customization of Bonia's trunks.
Social Media
2 versions of online banners in gif file
3 microsites: homepage, trunks, special delivery service.
Instagram: #travelwithstyle and #bonia to win RM500 voucher to purchase Bonia's trunks

Tactic 4
The POS provided in KLIA & shopping malls will lead consumers to visit Bonia's outlets
To grab audiences' attention in social media
BONIA will be having a hashtag competition by following BONIA's instagram
Market Analysis 2
We distribute the questionnaire to 50 respondents via Google Form.
The survey form consists of 13 questions.
We choose out the top 5 questions that help us in this campaign.
12. As a Malaysian, if you come across an interactive advertisement in public, will you stop by and involve in it?
13. Which do you think is the most efficient way to help local brand to improve the trustworthy among the Malaysians towards the local products?
Existing Advertising Methods
Bonia's Outlets
KLIA outlet
Midvalley outlet
Pavilion outlet
Print Ad
Bonia's Watch
Bonia's newspaper
Bonia's Fragrance
Bonia's Outdoor Ad
Billboard in Jakarta
Shopping mall
Bonia's Online Banner
Social Media
Facebook Page
Newspaper Ad
Fashion Magazine Ad
Travel Magazine Ad
Point Of Sales
KLIA Luggage Cart
Shopping mall
Follow the balloons path way and footsteps to get surprises in Bonia's outlet.
Radio Ad
Radio Ad
Customization Service
Special Delivery Service
Outdoor Interactive Ad
Scan QR code with your phone to access the game
Step 1:
Step 2:
Enter your name
Step 3:
Start the game. Drag away the distracting items and save the parcel
Step 4:
Redeem the vouchers from Bonia's outlets
Save the parcel and win RM100 discount voucher!
Indoor Interactive Ad
Augmented reality mirror
Step 1:
Stand in front of the mirror and wave your hand to get in touch with it.
Take a photo and share it to social media to win a free voucher!
Step 4:
Step 2:
Choose any color that you want
in Bonia's Outlet
Thank you! :)
Bonia's Special Delivery Service Version
Bonia's Customization Service
Halfpage Ad
Customization Service
Delivery Service
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