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Using Google Drive to Improve Student Writing: IBAEM The Hague

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Alisha Feitosa

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Using Google Drive to Improve Student Writing: IBAEM The Hague

Where are we going today?
Using Google Drive to
Improve Student Writing

Effective Feedback is . . .
The big question:
How can I give effective feedback and still have time for things like sleeping, eating, and maintaining personal relationships?
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What type of feedback is most likely to encourage student learning?
"Change doesn't happen when you introduce new technology, it happens when you introduce new behaviors" (Macoun).
Scan for more resources
or email alishafeitosa@gmail.com
What does good feedback look like?
How can Google Drive help me give feedback to my students?
How am I supposed to have time for all of this?
How can Google Drive help me give feedback that is
How can Google Drive help me give feedback that is
How can Google Drive help me give feedback that is
How can Google Drive help me give feedback that is

"Feedback should follow the Goldilocks Principle" (Beghetto & Kaufman, 2007).
I'm perfect
I suck
I'm making progress, and I know what I can do to improve
Feedback is . . .
"Good work: Your use of words was more precise in this paper than in the last one, and I saw the scenes clearly in my mind's eye."
"This paper needs work: I am confused by your initial thesis and the evidence you provide for it. In the third paragraph you don't offer evidence to support your ideas."
Findings from the 1998 National Assessment of Educational Progress found that "students experienced with writing more than one draft of a paper, and students whose writing was saved in folders or portfolios, achieved higher average scores than their peers who did not write multiple drafts or save their writing” ("What We Know").

Targets a pattern of errors
Summarizes what students do (and don't do)
Provides an explanation of the problem
May provide an example of how to correct the problem

"It turns out that it isn't the giving of feedback that causes learning gains, it is the acting on feedback that determines how much students learn" (Chappuis).

Studies have shown that teachers who mark every error are no more effective in improving the quality of students' writing than teachers who only mark errors focused on current instruction (qtd. in Chappuis).
It has been found that if students are expecting to receive "rapid" feedback-—a teacher's verbal or written response shortly after the work is completed—-the quality of student work increases.
Create and share documents
Collaborate on documents
Create portfolios using documents or folders
help with delivery, but YOU are the professional, and only YOU know your students.
Encourage students to reply to your comments
Conference with students
Encourage rewrites
Revision History
"Best Sentence"
Using Google Forms to ease teachers' grading and help improve students' writing
"Nurturing students' positive beliefs about writing, fostering authentic writing goals and contexts, providing students with a supportive context for writing, and creating a positive emotional classroom environment are the conditions that determine students' motivation to write" (Hidi and Boscolo 145).
"To restrict students’ engagement with writing to only academic contexts and forms is to risk narrowing what we as a nation can remember, understand, and create" ("CCCC").
"Free for All Friday!"
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