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2nd Quarter Outside Reading Book


Allyson Davidson

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of 2nd Quarter Outside Reading Book

Pick a book you'll enjoy! But hone your critical eye as you read. Ask "Why?" of every description, every action, every plot event! If you read more than one book, just focus on one of them. Create a pictoral representation of one of the themes of the piece. You may choose to focus on a literary element/device that is integral to developing the theme, but don't feel locked into my my suggestion. You may use words where necessary, but rely mostly on images. 500 pages
may be multiple books
may not be picture books like Dr. Seuss Any subgenre of fiction While Reading... Page Requirement? What Genre?
Outside Reading Book Keep a dialectical journal:
one entry for every 10 pages
focus on the author's use of literary elements and devices
1 sentence quote:2 sentences of CM that address author's purpose Artsy Fartsy Culmination... Photo credits: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr 8 1/2 x10 (or so...)
2 dimensional piece
color (or texture) required
include title & author
Wow me! 2nd Quarter DUE 12/12
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