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KaiYee Ang

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of MILITARY

Group Members:
1. Leader: Ang Kai Yee (2)
2.Resource Manager: Ho Kin Hoe (20)
3.Time Keeper: Liu Cai Yi (38)
4. Motivator: Lee Jun Seok (24)
5. Resource Manager: Marcus Koh (27)
Different types of wastes in Singapore
Details on how waste management is carried out in Singapore
Evaluation on other countries methods
Our current situation in Singapore:
Our goal: To recommend a strategy that could be carried out to extend the lifespan of landfills and to manage wastes in Singapore.
What if those methods were carried out into Singapore...
Since Singapore is small and does not have much land space, our final recommendation is to avoid the generation of waste.
Evaluation on current method of waste management method
1.Avoidance of the generation of waste
-It reduces wastes needed to be dumped at landfills.
-Saves money that is used for transporting waste to incineration plants or landills

2.Increase the reuse and recovery of materials from the following waste streams: Municipal, Commercial and Industrial, Construction and Demolition
-Saves materials
-Allows the efficient usage of materials and resources

3.Minimise adverse effects of waste operations on public and enviromental health and safety
-Environments will be less poluted
-This method refers to the dumpling off of waste
-Filled land can be used for other community purposes
-Generation of liquid and gas from landfills are hazardous
-This method of waste disposal involves the combustion
of waste products
-This method of waste disposal reduces the volume of waste by half
-Gases produced from incineration are pollutants, causing serious environmental problems
Biological Reprocessing (Composting)
-This method involves the breaking down of materials into
organic compounds
-Compost produces from this method can be used for
fertilisers for soil
-It takes a long time for the process to be complete
Aviodance of the generation of waste
- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
- Purchase things that are recyclable
Increase the reuse and recovery of materials from the following waste streams:
- Commercial & Industrial
- Construction & Demolition
Minimise adverse impacts of waste operations on public and enviromental health and safety
- Reduce waste
Food waste
In 2008 in sinagpore, food waste in Singapore
could fill more than 10,000 double-decker buses.
Food waste is food waterial that is discared or
unable to be used.
Toxic waste
Toxic waste is waste material that can cause death
It spreads quite easily and can contaminate lakes, river,
and the atmosphere.
1. Waste minimization
Wastes are diverted for reprocessing.
adopted specific measures, such as the careful selection of design and construction methods that minimize waste production.
Recycling commercial and industrial waste
Public recycling bins
Recycling in schools
3.Waste-to-energy / Incineration Plants
Singapore has modernized its solid waste management after a long process of improvement. Its waste management facilities have now achieved high efficiency as its “waste-to-energy” program has become a profitable business.

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