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Soda Tab Bracelets

No description

Amanda O

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Soda Tab Bracelets

Soda Tab Bracelets
- educe the sources you use.

- euse things then rather throw them away.

- ecycle is when things we throw are converted into something else.
Made from recycled materials
Unique and colorful
A cute way to promote awareness to recycle and go green
Make Your Own
We have provided you with string and 16 soda tabs, an average bracelet takes 18 tabs.
Our challenge for you is to recycle two aluminum cans and finish the bracelet yourself.
We have provided a small piece of paper in your bag that will lead you to a video on how to make a bracelet.
It is quite complicated, so if you can't figure it out, bring us your two tabs you've got yourself and we will finish it for you. Or, go on the link provided to re-learn the process.
If you are not interested in this little challenge pass the bag on to someone else that you think would be interested in this small project to help promote awareness.
Soda Tab Bracelets
Amanda O, Haley R, Veronica V
soda tabs (top of soda cans)
lanyard string (plastic)

Together they create a creative, unique, and environmental bracelet.
Our goal is to
promote awareness
for the
community to
go green and recycle!
Keep in mind, next time you
drink a soda, or anything
recyclable, help the environment!
We had help from family and friends
We collected cans from our community and ensured our neighbors we would recycle the cans.

As more and more people discovered our little project, we had people give us soda tabs and ask for a product!
It's not so little anymore!
How We Did It
Our Goal
We shared our project with family and friends through social media sites, like Twitter and Instagram
A Little About the
Soda Tab
Originated in the late 1950s by Ermal Fraze
its main purpose: open the can
the first model was flawed
The design created litter problem, so Coors beer company made a new design
The improved design kept the tab connected to the can after opening
We produced 107 soda tab bracelets!
First, we had to research the amount of soda tabs we would need to produce a steady amount of bracelets.
After, we listed the necessary items we needed, we had to buy some of the basic supplies. At the same time, we started collecting soda tabs.
Then, we watched many videos to learn how to make the bracelet itself, learning the easiest way to do so.
Finally, we gave them out around the community.
The average person generates 4 pounds of trash a day
In 2009 Americans produced enough trash to circle the earth ........ 24 times.
75% of waste is recyclable.
If every American recycled just one-tenth of their newspaper, we could save millions trees every year
Intro to Recycling
Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to listen to a full album on your Ipod.
Recycling aluminum cans is able to save energy, natural resources, time, and money.
It takes an average of 60 days for a recycled can to get back on the shelf
An aluminum can has no limit on how many times it can be recycled.
Aluminum once had more value than gold.
Aluminum is the most valuable material to recycle.
Research Topics
Americans use 2,500,000 plastic bottles every hour.
Plastic bags and garbage thrown into the ocean are deadly to sea life
Americans throw away millions of coffee cups every year.
How Recycling Helps
The 3 R's
The Process
Aluminum and Plastic
Intro to Recycling
Aluminum and Plastic
The Soda Tab
How Recycling Helps
What are soda bracelets made of?
Incorporating Math
Our Challenge to You
In Your Bag
16 soda tabs
copy of instructions, with the link to an instructional video
But with your help, we can increase the number of bracelets!
Recycling helps conserve energy, protects the environment, and reduces landfill.
We learned a lot about recycling through our research.
http://www.photoshow.com/watch/MB5ZX4qX? source=em_ps_show_recipient
-We collected a total of 2886 soda tabs over 3 months.
-We made a total of 107 bracelets with 18 tabs each and 60 starter kits with 16 tabs each.
-On average per day we collected 33 soda tabs all together.
-Per day we each collected on average of 11 tabs.
How many times could the trash Americans produce in a year circle the earth?
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