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The Growing Place

No description

Chris Goringe

on 30 June 2014

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Transcript of The Growing Place

The Growing Place
Two pictures of church
...a vision of people meeting in small groups in living rooms, with open Bibles, helping one another to be grown-up Christian people, supporting, nourishing each other...
What does it mean for a family
to be part of a community
of followers of Jesus Christ?
We had a young family - kids aged 7 & 3
St. John's felt it was failing to connect with young families
All the all-age worship literature...
"Jesus - all about life" research...
All the cool, arty, fresh expressions, pub-church, creative alternatives begged a crucial question...
...the community of the people of God is the Jesus Dojo - the training room where students - disciples - learn from the master...
Rowan Williams
Mark Scandrette
A list of names
Lots of phone calls
Coffee and chat
A few bottles of wine
The Growing Place
Our initial values
All age
Creative worship
Something new every time
Liturgical activities that are meaningful for all ages
Adult content, kids program, music, supper...
Kids squabbling
Parents distracted
Low engagement
Loads of work
Minimal reward



To Jesus and to the community
Not to the rosters or the service
What actually works for busy families?
How do members of this community connect?
Out went...

Most music
Most all-age content
Much innovation
In came...

A liturgical structure
Parallel kids-adults time
External teaching resources
(But we kept the food and wine that we share every week)
Gather (playing, coffee, chatting)

Lighting a candle
Catching Up
Sharing a story
Creative response
Praying for each other

Lighting a candle
Reading the scriptures
Reflecting together
Catching up
Praying for each other
Sharing food and wine
Ten commandments of an upside down kingdom
If someone hits you, don’t hit back.

If someone takes your coat, give them your shirt as well.

If someone hates you, be loving to them and pray for them.

Saying nasty things about people is as wrong as hitting them

If you want Jesus to think you’re important, do the uncool jobs.

Being good to people is better than money, fame and cool stuff.

Saying sorry to people you’ve hurt is more important than giving money to church.

What you think in your heart is as important as what you do.

Think more about helping other people than about looking after yourself.

When you do good things, don’t show off - do them quietly so no one notices.

Where next?
Our Dojo
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