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Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

No description

Jaci Howard

on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

Farmers lived in mud brick houses and men and women were farmers. Women brewed drinks, weaved items into certain shapes and baked breads in oven burned by cattle dung.
By: Drayden Webster
Duties of a Servant

Servants could not do a lot. We could farm, fight in armies, be a butler, cook, and be litter carries for Pharaohs.Servants could not do a lot. We could farm, fight in armies, be a butler, cook, and be litter carries for Pharaohs.Although we could do a lot of things for other people but not ourselves. Although we could do a lot of things for other people but not ourselves.

Men and women can be servants with one opportunity to be free. Servants could pay out of being a servant but servants did not have a lot of money. We are not treated poorly because who would want their servant to die or be wounded. We could not own land or property, unless we bought it.
Servants could not move up in the working environment, our children could, but anyone higher than us could move up. I can’t be a Pharaoh this is outrages! My children could be a pharaoh though, that makes me feel good, and I do not think anyone can move down in the working environment.
Mysteries of Ancient Egypt
It's King Tut!
Farmers lived in mud brick houses in which the floors were made of mud and walls mud brick. Men and women were allowed to be farmers. Women baked breads in an oven heated by burning cattle dung. They also weaved threads into various items.
To farmers there were three seasons: akhet, peret, and shemu. Akhet was the flooding season that was bad for farmers sometimes. It was good because it brought rich nutrients to the soil. Then, Peret season which was when all the crops grew. Last there was Shemu, the harvesting season where they picked all of their crops. The three seasons were important to the farmers.
The life of a farmer did not change for 4000 years! Farmers used shadufs to get water from the rivers so they can irrigate the crops from The Nile River.
Fun Fats!
Life of a Farmer
What They Grow
Farmers grew barley, wheat, melons, figs, vines, flax, and pomegranates.
Farming Seasons
What do Artisans do?
Artisans make art or everyday used things. Artisans make hand made art, furniture, clothes, jewelry, and decorations.Artisans can be carpenters (they make furniture), jewelers, potters, stone carvers, painters, sculptors, weavers, and metal-workers.
Fun Facts!
Artisans made everything by hand and tools, no machines. Artisans opened up our eyes to the Egyptian world and helped us understand them better. Special artisans got to carve decorations in the Pharaoh's tomb.
Working Enviorment
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